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Watch my HI-SCORE on PAC-MAN Championship Editon DX+

Saturday, August 4th, 2018

I don’t play many games, but the originals are best, although this is PAC-MAN by NAMCO is on steroids! (Available via Valve Steam!)

The game gets a bit chaotic, when the game speed hits 50… everytime you eat a power-up, the game speed increases

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PAC-MAN Rebooted by NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Are you a fan of PAC-MAN, well let me introduce you to PAC-MAN Championship Editon DX+ by NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.

Lets just say it’s PAC-MAN on acid and steroids….for 2015, it’s brilliant…

Pay what you want, and Support Charity, over at Humble Bundle, time is running out, you’ve only got 5 hours before the deal runs out….




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