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Andy goes for a long walk, and finds his Local Mobile Phone Masts!

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Never a boring day, today I went searching for my nearest mobile phone masts. The only trouble was I could see them, but had a few difficulties, in finding the access road leading to the actual base transmitter mast sites. I left my car, and went walking up a hill, across fields, and found the base transmitter mast sites, took some photographs below of the sites, and then walked back down the access road from the site, only to find, it was miles from where I left my car. A lovely warm day, and fantastic views, across the Vale of York.

The O2 and T-Mobile transmitter sites, are just inside the Kilnwick Percy Golf Course, as you can see in the photographs, graffiti artists, have already “tagged” the site, it wasn’t me!

In one of the pictures below, I highlight with a red circle, where I live in the distance.

I found evidence of an O2 and T-Mobile transmitter mast, and a Vodafone transmitter but could not see any visible documentation, for mobile company 3. (Three). I suspect one of the antenna on the transmitter mast must belong to 3 (Three).

The reason for my visit, was to check, if I could “beam” a 2.4GHz WiFi signal back to my house, to check line of sight. I could, so I have clear line of sight to errect a new 16 dbi Yagi antenna, to improve my 3G UMTS/HSPDA signal, and improve and hopefully get a better download speed using wireless technology.

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Wired or Wireless, ADSL or 3G? that’s the question?

Friday, February 10th, 2012

I’ve recently been running trails using 3G Wireless Internet with Celltime Provider Three and O2, you are probably thinking I’m as mad as a badger! (well once upon a time, I did study Electronic Communication Engineering, so I know a little about Radio Frequencies! – (thanks to Mum & Dad! for the funding!).

But check the results below, and this is with a -85 dBm signal (boffin speak for GOOD! or three bars good buddy! have you got your ears on!), using the internal antenna on a Option GlobalSurfer III (3G Router). I’ve recently noticed that Three have upgraded their transmitter to now support HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access), well what does that load of gibberish mean, well other than the UMTS or 3G symbol changes to “H” on my phone or router. It means that rather than max speed of 3.6Mbps, the max speed could be 7.2MBps or 14.4MBps. Yes via Wireless!

At present I’m getting faster wireless speeds than wired!

Eclipse Internet Three 3G Internet
Eclipse Internet ADSL speedtest by Three 3G speedtest by
Eclipse Internet ADSL pingtest by Three 3G pingtest by
Eclipse Internet ADSL speedtest by Broadband Three 3G speedtest by Broadband
Eclipse Internet ADSL speedtest by My Broadband Speed hree 3G speedtest by My Broadband Speed
Eclipse Internet ADSL speedtest by Thinkbroadband Three 3G speedtest by Thinkbroadband

I generally use this 3G router, because when normal wired ADSL fails, it automatically fails back or fails over to 3G Wireless Internet, and after the recents drop outs and faults, I noticed my 3G wireless broadband was faster!

Option GlobalSurfer III 3G Network Router

Option GlobalSurfer III 3G Network Router

I need to complete some more calculations, and purchase a directional Yagi antenna, so I can get a stronger signal = more signal = more power = faster throughput and downloads! (does that sound like Captain Kirk to Scotty the Engineer – Give me more power! Scotty! )

Microwave Wireless Aerial or Twig!

Microwave Wireless Aerial or Twig on biscuit tin!

This aerial is not correct, the VSWR (sorry boffin alert) is too high, and not correctly matched at 3G frequencies! It reminds me of long ago with a DV27 on a biscuit tin!

I now understand, when I visited China, why they did not role out copper wires to peoples houses for telephones, they just jumped to wireless 2.5G communications (whilst the UK, was still using GSM! (2G)).

Well Good Buddy Signing Off!, 10-10.

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Andysworld! Advent Calendar – Dec 10 – Andysworld Gift to you!

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Currently experimenting with giffgaff Mobile phone network based on O2, because they have Unlimited Mobile Internet for £10 a month, which also includes 250 minutes of talk time, plus texts if you are interesting in Texting. Various Goody Bags (tariffs to select). And if you click the link, and Request a SIM, after activation you’ll get a fiver credited to your Account. (after top-up and registration).

See Tariffs


Get a free Giffgaff Sim

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NEWSFLASH! Evicted from The Orange Shop, 16/17 Coney Street, YORK TODAY!

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

I went into The Orange Shop, 16/17 Coney Street, YORK today at approx 14:00 to make an enquiry about the iPhone 4 32GB Black on an Orange Contract. I was greeted by a Sales Person called Mark.

He was quick to explain to me, that Apple fix the prices of the iPhone 4.0 32GB Black, and Mobile Airtime companies cannot set the price of the phone, he asked if I wanted it on Pay As You Go or Contract, I replied I was interested in a Contract, he told me the cost of the phone was £319, and monthly costs of £35, for 18 months.

tesco-mobile-logoI told him the monthly cost was tool high, and I mentioned Tesco Mobile at £20 a month,

and in his next breath Mark said

“if you go with Tesco Mobile you’ll get no signal, because Orange have more transmitters across the country than Tesco Mobile

Personally, when a Sales Person resorts to this sort of tactic to make a sale, it make me suspicious, I always remember a old friend/work colleague, when I worked in Sales, hundreds of years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, telling me NEVER disrespect the competitor to make a Sale.

When Mark told me this, I gave him my mobile phone, and asked him to tell me what current network it’s on, it happens to be Orange (he didn’t know this before I handed him the phone, he didn’t even bother to ask me). I then reminded Mark, that I’ve probably been with Orange as a Customer, longer than he’s been an Employee, which now is about approx 11-12 years, and I don’t have reception at home with Orange, but I do with O2, Tesco Mobile, Vodafone, T-Mobile and 3! So I don’t think what he’s saying is valid and I don’t like the way he’s slagging off the Competition, at this point he asked me to LEAVE THE SHOP! He then started stating I’m now SLAGGING him off!

I pointed out as I left the Shop, I was surprised they were happy to lose a potential sale, and told him I would make him famous, and Tweet later about this incident! I don’t know why Mark lost his rag with me, and I hadn’t even had my Red Bull for the day!

So Happy Sales Mark……..

Looks like I’ll be joining Tescos Mobile then… much for 11 years Customer Loyality! (not that Mark would know, he didn’t ask the question!)

PS Mr Orange/Mr Tescos if your reading this, iPhone 4 32GB Black on Contract in the post would be very nice Free of Charge!

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