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Npower Sign Online 15 Electricity Tariff

Friday, April 17th, 2009

A 5 minute telephone call today to Npower has saved me £350 on my electricity bill in switching from Standard to Sign Online 15 Electricity tariff, which is paperless billing, and you send them a meter reading, rather than the “twonk on stupid street” from Meterplus, which always leave a card because I’m out at work, asking me to do it. Who reads their meters, because they are out reading mine!

I could have saved over £550 on my electricity bill, by switching to Web Online 15, but this tariff offered by Npower, is excluslvely to “new customers” only to Npower, so for me to get this, I’ve got to switch to another provider e.g. EDF or E-ON, and then come back to Npower, then they’ll put me on that tariff. Now there’s an idea, maybe I leave and not comeback, as Npower Customer Service doesn’t rank very highly according to the Which? surveys!

Oh, I know my exact electricity usage because Wattson records it, and has been for the last 510 days, so whether it’s per second, minute, day, hour, week, month and year, I have the data!

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