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Our Garden in March 2012

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Our front garden at the end of March 2012, before the frost came at the weekend.

Now the Magnolia flowers have gone brown!

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NEWSFLASH! Goldfinch’s nest in garden Exclusive photographs and Webcam

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Since April 2009, I’ve had Goldfinches visiting my garden regularly feeding on the Nyjer seed, before April 2009, I’d never seen Goldfinches in my garden. This weekend Lindsey told me she had seen Goldfinches around the Magnolia tree and the telephone wire (maybe this is why broadband playing up!). On further examination, I discovered a nest in the Magnolia tree, and to may amazement a few minutes later visited regularly by a pair of Goldfinches.

Goldfinch birds nest in Magnolia tree

Goldfinch birds nest in Magnolia tree

Goldfinch on the nest

Goldfinch on the nest

So time to get some tek out to get some pictures for the web…. (some time passes and ….)

I’m still trying to get better photographs, but at present my Canon EOS 350D Digital SLR is connected to my Leica APO Televid 77mm Spotting Scope using a Leica Photo Adaptor, this seven element adaptor converts the Leica Televid into an 800mm telephoto lens, with a focal ratio f/10. It’s then used with a T2 Ring adaptor to connect to the body of the DSLR. (no autofocus, strictly manual mode, and the camera in Av mode). The DSLR is tethered to a Windows XP Professional virtual workstation using an active USB 2.0 cable using Canon EOS Utility to remotely control the camera and take the photographs every 30 seconds and upload them to the workstation. (I’m using a virtual workstation, because the Canon software doesn’t spport Vista 64-bit). A bunch of scripts and other tek is then used to upload them to the webserver.

If you look at the right hand side panel, you’ll see the images taken every thirty seconds, if you are lucky, you’ll see the goldfinches on the nest.

The magnolia tree (nest) is approximately 40-50 feet from the camera.

The only issue, is ther DSLR runs on batteries, because I’ve not got a DC coupler for it! I’m also looking for a 30mm – 42mm Step-up ring to connect the Firewire CAM which would be better, I’ll not where out the shutter!

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