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Flash in the pan! (iPad iOS 3.2.1)

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Well it’s on my iPad actually!

A few days before iOS 4.x gets released for the iPad…

There was nothing on the TV this evening, other than Black Hawk Down, and I’ve seen that so many times, so I got bored and enabled Flash on my iPad!

Flash on iPad

WOT No Flash Support says Adobe/Apple!

Flash test on iPad

Flash test on iPad

The flash elements appear as gray boxes and when you touch, them the flash starts to play.

Flash working on iPad iOS 3.2.1

Flash working on iPad iOS 3.2.1

So there you go, Flash on the iPad!

(oh, I did this for my Daddy, because he keeps asking me when Flash will be available for the iPad!). I think, he thinks I work for Apple (not!).

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