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Day 4 – Game of Thorns Part 4

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Day 4. – Game of Thorns Part 4

Hopefully today, will be the final day, and I will be able to just run the hedger through the remainder of the hedge. So not as labour intensive, and we can finish early.

The hedge is CUT, just a little tidy up todo around my greenhouse!



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Day 3 – Game of Thorns Part 3

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Day 3. – Game of Thorns Part 3

another Saturday, another weekend, and we are stilling cutting the hedge, but there is now light at the end of the tunnel, as we are now out of the majority of hawthorn and brambles!

Yes, that is a christmas tree in the front garden planted about approx 20 years ago..

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Day 2 – Game of Thorns Part 2

Monday, August 14th, 2017

Day 2. – Game of Thorns Part 2

So my arms got so badly cut up with hawthorn and blackthorn, I’m wearing my leather cow-hide beekeeping gauntlets today, so I look like I’m handling radio active waste, and the thorns are still cutting into my hands and skin through the leather!

This is as far as we’ve got today, and another 8 bags to the dump!

See pictues of what we’ve cut, and what we’ve got to cut, some of this has been cut by hand with just lopers, as it’s too thick for the hedger to go throw.

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Day 1 – Game of Thorns Part 1

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

Day 1. – Game of Thorns Part 1

We’ve started to cut the hedge today, Lindsey & I have been busy pruning, well cutting down our hedge which surrounds the house from about 15 foot to 6 foot. The hedge was not cut last year, and it’s grown by 4-5 feet! It’s been a difficult and tiring job, not only the cutting of the hedge, but disposing of all the hedge cuttings to the local dump.

We did ask for quotations to cut hedge but were too expensive…

So here are the first photos of Day 1 the first couple are from the greenhouse side, and then you can see what has been cut, as the bamboo canes were previously hidden and are 8 foot high.

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Hawthorn Bush on the Yorkshire Wolds

Sunday, June 12th, 2011
Hawthorn bush on the Yorkshire Wolds

Hawthorn bush on the Yorkshire Wolds

This was a photograph that Lindsey took, over looking our house in the background, when we walked to the polling station in May.

You can see the “shire” where we live in the background.

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Hedge Maintenance using RootGrow a Mycorrhizal fungi

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Lindsey and I have been planting additional hawthorn whips to repair the holes in the hedge, where the hedge has died or where patches have appeared over the years.

I’m using RootGrow – a Mycorrhizal fungi to help the roots and whips grow.

RootGrow - Mycorrhizal fungi

RootGrow - Mycorrhizal fungi

RootGrow – a Mycorrhizal fungi is a once-only treatment that increases the volume of soil explored by the plant by up to 700 times! RootGrow – a Mycorrhizal fungi acts like a permanent fertiliser and ensures rapid establishment BUT does more than a fertiliser in that you can expect healthier plants because the friendly Mycorrhizal Fungi help plants have better growth, vigor, flowering and long term survival via this balanced nutrition system. For a healthier plant anywhere in the garden (beds, borders or hanging basket) or trees – indoors or outdoors, choose from our low cost rootgrow range with the friendly fungi!

Mixing the planet gell before adding RootGrow

Mixing the planet gell before adding RootGrow

RootGrow added to the gel

RootGrow added to the gel

Once the RootGrow – a Mycorrhizal fungi is mixed, then we planted the whips.

Hawthorn whips planted at the entrance to the drive

Hawthorn whips planted at the entrance to the drive

Hawthorn whips planted on the drive

Hawthorn whips planted on the drive

Still have some more todo, when the weather gets warmer and better!

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Hawthorn hedging

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

I’ll just tell it how it is, after the local council sprayed around the village notice board, the exact same width of hedge behind the notice board died!

After some discussions, ERYC sent me some free plants. Many Thanks to ERYC.

So, I decided to also order 50 x 110-125cm Hawthorn bareroot hedging plants, canes and spirals to patch the holes that have appeared in our old hedge that surrounds the front garden. They were ordered from Scot Plant Direct in Scotland, as they were very competitively priced, arrived the next day in great condition, and been living in moist compost since. But I must plant them out soon.

Hawthorn No.1
110-125cm Hawthorn bareroot hedging plants

Hawthorn No.2 from ERYC
Hawthorn bareroot hedging plants from ERYC

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