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Kraft – A Message To You!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010
Kraft - A Message To You - Up Yours!

Kraft - A Message To You - Up Yours!

You took my Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and now you’ve taken my Fry’s Turkish Delight!

On behalf of all the workers at Terry’s of York and Fry’s of Keynsham UP YOURS!

I’ll not be eating any more Cadbury’s products!

Some of your favourite chocolate bars ?Crunchie, Double Decker, Fry’s Crème, Chomp, Fudge, Mini Eggs, Picnic, Fry’s Turkish Delight, Freddos, Caramel and Curly Wurly? all made at the productive and profitable Cadbury factory in Keynsham are under threat.

The 281 year old British factory is to be closed resulting in 500 local jobs being lost, and production relocated 1,200 miles away to POLAND, however 95% of all Cadbury chocolate produced at Keynsham is consumed by us in Britain. This will result in hugely increased food miles, massively higher carbon emissions, and devastation to the local economy. Show your support by signing the petition below making your pledge.You can use your e-mail address to add relatives and friends (up to 4) with their permission, using their own names and post codes if they don’t have their own e-mail address.

Keep jobs local, KEEP production close to consumption.
Say NO to job exports.Say YES to keeping a Cadbury factory in KEYNSHAM, UK
I want to keep Cadburys in Keynsham, Great Britain.

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