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How to beat the UK TV License and save £145.50 a year!

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

I’ve just received my new UK TV License for another 12 months, at a cost of £145.50 a year. I think everybody knows in the UK, if you use a service like BBC iPlayer to watch pre-recorded shows, what the TV License calls “on-demand”, a UK TV License is not required. What I didn’t know, and I’ve been told this by UK TV Licensing is if you purchase any computer or high tech mobile phone or games console your details (name and address) will also be sent to UK TV Licensing, I only thought it was TV receiving equipment, but on reading my new TV License it states “You’re now covered to do more than just watch TV at home on a TV set. You can also watch and record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV through your computer, games consoles, and digital box, DVD/VHS recorder, even your mobile phone”.

So therefore TV Licensing assumes that every household in the UK should have a TV License.

I’ve made some enquiries about the defintion of “on-demand” which doesn’t require a TV License, it doesn’t require a TV License because it’s pre-preorded content. The content was also not received by you, as you didn’t record it. In the same way, Homeowner A records a program for you as it’s broadcast, they are covered by their TV License to receive this program, they give the program to you on a USB stick, Homeower B doesn’t require a TV license to watch the program.

If you examine the above further, and watch a program, which is recorded elsewhere, not at your home, and transmitted/played-back 50 seconds later – no TV License is required.

I’ve just come off the telephone discussing this with Amie, TV Licensing on 0300 790 6055. The telephone conversation was recorded, she also stated that the Field Agents are also aware of this information.

So how do you save £145.50 a year,

  1. Firstly you must stop using your TV equipment, e.g. TV and Set-Top-Boxes that receive television through a UHF aerial (e.g. live broadcasts)
  2. Remove the TV aerial from the TV equipment.
  3. You do not have to remove the TV equipment from the premises (I’ve also discussed this with TV Licensing – they have to prove you are using it, and I was told, they would take your word that you are not using it!).
  4. Use BBC iPlayer, Sky Player, ITV Player, 4od, Demand Five to watch pre-recorded “on-demand” content from the Internet, either via computer, laptop or Internet connected TVs.
  5. Live Content use – TVCatchup from your computer, laptop, iPhone or iPad.
  6. tvcatchup_ipad1a1You can turn your iPad into a TV with TVCatchup iPad Service.

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