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Fire Update!

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Fire update, the two fire engines continued working on the fire for a total of an hour. It would appear that there was no barn or house on fire.

The Fire Hydrant by Night

The Fire Hydrant by Night

A large pile of super-heated cow/horse manure Spontaneously combusted! (a bit like pistachio nuts are prone to self-heating and spontaneous combustion in very large quantities!). Yes it’s true! Believe me, I’m not talking cow manure here.

That’s about as much excitement, as we get around here…If I get time tomorrow and the weather is good, forecast is cloudy, I’ll get a picture of the burnt out cow/horse manure. May come in handy for the Countryfile Photographic Landscape Competition.

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Do you know where you nearest fire hydrant is?

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Excitement in the hamlet this evening, busy watching the world go by, out in the garden painting the newly repaired Bird Table (post coming soon!). Two John Dennis Fire Engines hurtled past towards the next village (this happened last year when someone’s grain dryer burnt down). Ten minutes later one of the engines returned to my hamlet because they couldn’t find the fire hydrant in the nearby village, and someone told them there was on in my hamlet, it’s just been painted by the Council bright yellow, and is just opposite my house. Do you know where you nearest fire hydrant is?

This is the first picture I snapped of the fire engine from my bedroom window.

I think they’ve spotted me there’ off

another one returns…

and then there was two, both came back to fill up.

As I type, one has just returned, that’s four trips….while the house or barn burns down! I can tell because the blue flashing lights are reflecting on my monitor.

I think they must have done, there’s no urgency anymore, and the fire officers are talking to the neighbours, while they look at me, typing!

Fire hydrant still in use, must get a photo!

Repoting to you as it happens…..

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