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My best bargain on eBay – A 99 pence – Nest Protect – Smoke and CO Detector

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

Whilst browsing the eBay Beekeeping category for a bargain, I came across an item called a HIVE Nest Protect.


I must admit, I had a little chuckle if you don’t know what a HIVE Nest Protect is, it’s a Smoke + Carbon Monoxide detector – why a Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector was doing listed in a Beekeeping category, and then noticed it had probably been listed with the eBay app, and matched to Beekeeping because of the work “HIVE”.

The Nest Protect – Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector was recently tested in the Which? September 2017 magazine, and scored 93% Best Buy in tests, as quickest to respond in Smoke and Carbon Monoxide tests, and Which? magazine recommends that Smoke Alarms are replaced every  10 years, when was the last time you checked or replaced your smoke alarms?


The Nest Protect is manufactured by Google, and is part of their Home Automation range, and it connects to WiFi and also has a Smartphone App, the Nest Protect also checks itself daily, to make sure it’s operating correctly, and based on the data being collected by Google, smoke alarms are most likely to sound in the UK on Pancake Day!

Recommended Retail Price – £99 and from eBay 99 pence!


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Purchasing items from eBay using the Global Shipping Program Part 2

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

So this blog is the final conclusion and update to Purchasing items from eBay using the Global Shipping Program Part 1.

I’ve read lots of negative comments about eBay’s Global Shipping Program, calling it a scam, con, don’t use it, ask sellers not to use it, the problem, in life, is people often tell 10 people or more if something goes wrong or something bad happens, BUT people do not often share good, positive results. But here is my Parcel! It works read on!

eBay originally stated the item would be delivered between Friday 6. May. 2016 – Saturday, 14. May. 2016, see here

Here are the final tracking details

The item was finally delivered on Friday 6th May 2016, by YODEL. eBay had originally advised it would be delivered on this date.

I cannot complain about the Global Shipping Program, I was able to track the items fully from the US, it was delivered on-time, as advised on eBay, and considering the number of logistics companies involved (I count 8!) I’m very impressed at the accuracy in the expected delivery. I paid no VAT, Import Duty, Administration fees, and this worked out cheaper for me, than using a Seller that does not use the GSP, when Royal Mail or Parcel Force, charge you the additional administration fee on top of the VAT.

Compared to sending items in the UK with a single logistics company, e.g. Royal Mail, Parcelforce, Hermes, DPD, YODEL, where there is no guarantee of delivery, and items go missing within the UK.

My parcel has travelled 5,000 miles from the US to Yorkshire, gone through 8 logistics companies, and I think that’s impressive!

Well done eBay!

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Purchasing items from eBay using the Global Shipping Program Part 1

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

I’ve read lots of bad press about eBay and the Global Shipping Program… here goes this is my experience..

On occasions I purchase items from the US from eBay or direct:- 16 years ago, items would enter the UK, and you would pay zero Import Duty, Value Added Tax and Administration fees.

That was 16 years ago, it would seem the world of Online shopping from around the world, especially from the US has now caught up with UK Customs, and today, if an item has a declared value of over £15 GBP, you will have to pay VAT@20% on the total amount, if the declared value is in USD $, it’s converted at the exchange rate on the day it’s received at UK Customs, and most often an administration fee of £8 or £11 depending upon if it’s Royal Mail or Parcelforce, that have handled your parcel.

Something relatively new, has started to appear on eBay on seller listings, it’s called the Global Shipping Program or GSP, my understanding is that US or UK sellers, do not have to worry about shipping overseas, they pack up the items, and ship it to a logistics company in the country or origin, this company then forwards to the destination, and also handles the Customs, Import Duty, Value Added Tax in advance, by passing this cost direct to the Buyer.

This payment is processed by Pitney Bowes, and appears on your Paypal Account as a direct payment to Pitney Bowes. You will see, two payments for the item, one to the seller, and one to Pitney Bowes for the Customs charges. The theory is that the item, is not delayed in Customs, and you pay no charges when it’s delivered!

I’ve actually been fascinated by the logistics involved in this process. I first got the following:-

It stated Multiple Carriers, and that didn’t help much in tracking…

And then this

I did some more digging, and found the following, it got handed to wnDirect

I tracked down the flight, using the Air Way Bill number 45494864, and it was on a Virgin Atlantic Cargo flight using this site, and 932 and VS (IATA code).

This led me to Virgin Atlantic Cargo Site

My item is in that parcel container, along with 26 other items! Received in London, 03 May 2016 @ 10.20.

I believe it’s now with 13ten

It will be interesting to see HOW QUICK 13ten, get it to me now it’s in the UK, as they use Royal Mail, Hermes, YODEL or DPD, that’s probably the weakest link!

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