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Andy’s Paperless Office – Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

This was an early Christmas (2015) present, and more gadge for the office. But it does have a serious side, because I decided there is far too much paper in my life, and from late 2015 I’ve gone paperless. So it’s also my New Year’s Resolution for 2016.

No paper!

The ScanSnap is fantastic, wireless scanning via WiFi to laptop, Android Phone, iPad, software is brilliant, one of the best software installs and setups, I’ve ever performed with any hardware! – Well done Fujitsu! – It’s a good job, that not all hardware and software is like that, I would be out of a job! Drop all my paper into the top of the scanner, Hit the blue button, or do it remote from my PC, and I end up with a bunch of searchable PDF files.

Local Storage is cheap as chips, Cloud Storage is even cheaper, it’s far quicker for me to pull documents from my “DocStore” than try and find anything in a filing cabinet, if I need a hardcopy, I just print it out. I can also easily give access to my “DocStore” securely via the Internet to Lindsey also, so she can look at all my documents.

So all my documents, are now scanned to an Adobe PDF document, OCR recognition is performed on this document, before it’s saved to create a Searchable Adobe PDF document, this is then saved to a folder structure on my PC, e.g. 2016 > Finance > Credit Cards.

The “DocStore” is then mirrored to two Synology NASes using Cloud Station and these are backed up to Amazon S3 Cloud, and I also use Tresorit secure Cloud Storage.

At present I’ve got approximately 1000 pages in my “DocStore”, which is about 1.4GB, and when I’m finished it closes up nicely.

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