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My name is Andy, I’m a Grease Monkey!

Monday, August 29th, 2016

After watching many episodes of Wheeler Dealers on Quest and watching Ed China (The Mechanic), whilst I was recovering from my serious road traffic accident, and also encouraged by Paul at JLB to complete my own car maintenance, on my new car, I’ve completed its full service, changed the oil, oil filter, air filter, and fuel filter myself. Repaired the central locking, repaired the rear windscreen wiper motor and pump, repaired the seat belt, and replaced the exhaust silencer. I’ve still got a few jobs to complete, replace the head lamps and bulbs, and fit a spare wheel lock, to stop the spare wheel being stolen.

I’ve had to purchase new tools, because they were lost in the old car, and this is my new chest for my tools.

This is the K-Lock spare wheel lock kit.

And this is a hole I’ve drilled/cut in my boot to install it…using my new drill bit from Machine Mart, and it cut through the car body, like butter!

A dab of red oxide paint, top and underneath.

Some grey primer…

And Citroen metallic blue paint, glad it’s under the carpet – not quite sure this is the correct match! This was a tester to check the correct paint match!


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Citroen Xsara Modification – Guiness fuled car!

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Do I need to notify the insurance company I’ve got a Guiness fuled car!

In the damp, cold, wet January weather guesss what I’ve been doing today?

The exhaust dropped off the car yesterday, so I’ve been trying to fix the exahust with a

Diet Coke Can – didn’t work,

Heinz Backed Bean Can – didn’t work,

Draught Guiness Can minus the widget fixed it!

I later took it to a garage to get a price to replace the exhaust, and they spotted they following:-

  • two front tyres are illegal (caused by tracking!), and need replacing.
  • two front brake disks on the front are badly corroded and need replacing.
  • and I just need a centre pipe for the exhaust!

So I just need the cheap centre pipe to the fix the exhaust!

Oh well that’s not too bad!!!

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The HDi is back on the road again!

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011
HDi Engine Cover on Citroen Xsara MkII 2.0 HDi

HDi Engine Cover on Citroen Xsara MkII LX 2.0 HDi

Two weeks since the starter motor failed, my Citreon Xsara MkII LX 2.0 HDi is fixed and back on the road again.

Most of this time has been taken up by finding the existing model in the car, (aided with mirror) and matching and finding the part, but CM Motorspares came through and supplied me with the exact same model, a M001T80481 – Mitsubishi, although the label on mine had scorch marks and I couldn’t read three numbers in the middle, I cross referenced the part against the Citroen Service Site (details here) this came from a Citroen Xsara Mk2 2.0 HDi starter motor, taken from 2002 5dr hatch with 65,000 miles.

My delivery arrived yesterday at 3.00pm, and 15 minutes later I had the starter installed waiting for the ECU/BSI to initialize before starting (Important! you wait 2 mins after connecting battery, before starting!), the only little snag, trying to hold starter motor with one hand, whilst bolting with the other, (only to find the bolts two arms lengths away and I couldn’t reach!)

Starting the car is much better, in  fact it’s the best it’s ever been, I did think this was caused by the battery in December so purchased a new one not required! But I did find that the battery in the car, was wrong for a Turbo Diesel, as it had a low cold crank value. So always good to have a new battery and a spare!!!

Hall of Fame, and thanks to the following:-

Mum & Dad


Esther, Angus and Matilda

Boot Ferrule Man @

Bargaincottage Man @

The “Un-sung Heros” @ the Citroen Xsara Owners’ Club (yes it does exist!!!)

Mike & Fran @

Jon, Battery Solutions York Ltd

Andrew@ CM Motorspares

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Car Maintenance

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

I put on my mechanics head today, to perform some simple maintenance on my car. One small rubber damper had fallen off which holds on the engine cover. Whilst I removed the engine cover, another one had fallen off, so I had to replace two. Simple job with a 14mm spanner and items from eBay.

Citroen2.0L HDI Engine
Citroen Xsara 2.0L HDI Engine

If you look at the top (rocker cover) and bottom right (of picture) you’ll see the dampers (or lack off)

Missing engine damper
Missing engine damper

close up of missing rubber damper, the rubber eventually gives and snaps off!

dampers installed
dampers installed

14mm spanner and all done.

dampers installed
dampers installed

cream spikey things are the new dampers.

Engine Cover replaced
Engine Cover replaced

this was a little more difficult, to re-align the holes with the dampers than I thought!

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