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Time to test Google Chrome OS

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Okay, I’m going Geek now, you’ve been warned…..

and for some of you Microsoft haters, you’ll enjoy this, as I’m about to go over to the dark side, for a few hours….(I often do, just to refresh the soul!)

Time to test Chrome OS, as it’s possible Google will take over the desktop world, and in 40 years time, when I’m dribbling down my chin, wondering what ever happened to Microsoft and Microsoft Windows that were acquired by Google 10 years earlier, the youngsters will be using Chrome OS tablets! and I’ll be telling stories of once upon a time we use to use something called Windows on a desktop computer!

Impressions, well, a very small Linux distro, well put togther, fast, easy to install, nice touch installing updates on installation, and runs very well on 512MB!

Only time will tell how compatible the Chrome OS Office applications are with Microsoft Office! I suspect if you are using complicated macros in Word and Excel, and VBA these will not work, but not everyone is a Master of Excel or Word.

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