Have I been deaf all the years ? Two DACs ! I’ve been re-awakened…. and MP3 suck!

Finally, after almost 14 years – I’ve completed my new office layout! (Sorry Lindsey for taking so long.. I told you I would get round to it!).

Which has given me the opportunity again, to re-connect my “HiFi” which has sat in the corner of my office, gathering dust – literally? 

After re-wiring all the interconnects, making sure the cables are connected the correct way because they are “non-reversible, the signal must flow the correct way”, and re-wiring the bi-wire on the speakers.

I played the Compact Disc “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd <—– the amount of detail and the stereo separation was amazing… it’s like I’ve had my head in a bucket all these years listening to streaming music and MP3s!!!!

This is not just a normal “HiFi” – Cyrus Amplifier, Cyrus PSX-R – connected to Cyrus 782 speakers – Sony CD Transport – feed into three DACs, clock synced.

Cambridge Audio S700 DACs

Cambridge Audio S700 DACs

Cyrus 782

Cyrus 782

The DACs are Cambridge Audio S700 – Isomagic – designed by John A. Westlake of Pink Triangle (1991) fame, he later went on to work for Cambridge Audio (founded 1968), when Cambridge Audio was a proper HiFi company, not to be confused with the re-branded Richer Sounds brand, since 1994, when it was purchased by Richer Sounds.

I believe John has now semi-retired, but he left us some great legacy HiFi products, and one day I’ll own a Pink Triangle DaCapo DAC!


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