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The first post of 2019, and the year is slipping away as we almost enter March, the daylight now extends into the evening and the birds are starting to make their nests…

I’ve been re-visiting memories of Japan, when we visited in 2011, the year of the earthquake and then tsunami in Japan (whilst we were holidaying there!), why you may ask?

Read on.. for many years I’ve been trying to find a software package which would import all the clips automatically from a Sony DV Tape HandyCam using Firewire (IEEE 1394) to easily create a 1 hour holiday video.

The problem is that Firewire (IEEE 1394) was retired by Apple in 2012, and has since been abandoned.

BUT, I noticed a Firewire port on my current Windows 10 laptop, and the device drivers were loaded (Device Manager), “Would it be possible that if I simply connected my HandyCam to the firewire port it would be automatically recognized by Windows 10?”

I connected my HandyCam to the firewire port and to my amazement, the Sony DV Tape VCR appeared within Device Manager.

Now to find, a software package, in the past I used to use a Sony laptop, and it’s own DVLink software, but it only ran on Windows 95, and it kept crashing.

I downloaded a trial of Vegas Movie Studio, and it does it exactly what I needed!!!

So the tape currently in the HandyCam, was a Tape from Japan!

So here are a few trailers…

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