GoodBye Eclipse Internet, Hello Zen Internet!


I’ve been loyal to Eclipse Internet for 14 years, I took out my first contract for ADSL Broadband in 2004. Now known as Eclipse, originally based in Exeter, Devon – were acquired by Kingston Communications (KCOM), Hull – just down the road from where I live as it turned out in 2005.

With my Ultrafast broadband (FTTP) coming online soon, I had hoped Eclipse would be able to migrate my existing ADSL Broadband to FTTP, they did originally tell me, they could do it, but on recent communications it would appear Eclipse (KCOM) cannot supply me FTTP.

But, oddly they wanted to charge me some £35+VAT for termination of my broadband package, despite not being in a contract for over 7 years, so the easiest option was to switch to a new ISP, which could offer a path to FTTP,


so I’ve now switched to Zen Internet. (which was one of the ISPs I considered 14 years ago).

ADSL (Superfast)  comes over your copper telephone line, Ultrafast (FTTP) comes over fibre directly linked to the BT exchange. Different technologies, so there is no requirement for ADSL (Superfast) and FTTP.  So eventually the ADSL (Superfast) will be terminated over copper, when I’m like with fibre.

I noticed a few broadband restarts at 3am, and the switch was completed at 4.45am.

So I’m now with Zen…. time to order Ultrafast (FTTP!)

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