FREE 50GB of Cloud Storage for Lifetime @BoxHQ – 50GB of free cloud storage in a few clicks…

Yes, that’s correct. you read it correctly, to celebrate Box’s release of the new iOS (iPhone and iPad) app, there are giving away 50GB of cloud storage, if you sign up with a new account by February 15th 2014. This Box account can then be accessed from your iOS device, Android device, Windows PC or Mac. You must sign-up to a new account via an iOS Device! to get your FREE 50GB! 50GB of free storage in a few clicks…

50GB for Lifetime on BOX

50GB for Lifetime on BOX

Follow these quick steps, to get FREE 50GB!

  1. Go to the AppStore on your iPad or iPhone (must have iOS 6.0 of later!).
  2. Download and Install the BOX application.
  3. Start the BOX application, and Click Sign Up
  4. Enter an email address and password, and Click Sign Up (you must use a new email address, which is not registered with BOX!)
  5. BOX will Create the Account, and send an email to the email address you entered.
  6. Click the Link in the email from Box to Activate the Account.
  7. Log In on the iPad or iPhone
  8. Once you have logged in successfully, you will receive an email stating You now have 50GB of Storage!

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