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Hozelock Water Timer Instructions

To regularly water my automatically I am going to use a Water timer.

Hozelock AC4 and AC1+ Garden Water Timers

AC4 and AC1+ Garden

I have removed my Hozelock water timers for storage over winter to protect them from frost. I also remove the batteries from the units, to prevent battery leakage, and insert new batteries the following year. The only problem is I have forgotten how to program them, and I can never find the instructions , and Hozelock do not have the older models listed on their website anymore, just the newer timers.  Programming is not very user friendly or intuitive, So for myself and other readers (or Googler’s (hi!)), I’ve stored the manuals here, so they can be found. (next year!)

Hozelock Instruction Manuals

Hozelock AC1 Model 2705 (old model) Timer Instruction Manual (pdf)

Hozelock AC1 Model 2705 (current model) Timer Instruction Manual (pdf)

Hozelock AC1+ Model 2700 – Timer Instruction Manual (pdf)

Hozelock AC2 Model 2706 Timer Instruction Manual (pdf)

Hozelock AC4 Model 2707 Timer Instruction Manual (pdf)

Hozelock AC Pro Model 2701 Timer Instruction Manual (pdf)

What is odd, is that current Hozelock water timer model all have the same model number 2705, as the old model!

Next year, I’ll know where to find the manuals! In the Cloud!

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