Broadband throughput starts to increase…and I don’t know why…

I noticed this evening when downloading an iso, that my download speed was in excess of 350kB/sec, this is double than normal! So I then decided to start running some tests again, and this is what I found. 4 Nov 2010 4 Nov 2010

Ping Test 4 Nov 2010

Ping Test 4 Nov 2010

ThinkBroadband Speed Test 4 Nov 2010

ThinkBroadband Speed Test 4 Nov 2010

Now whats odd about this, is my line 3.7km away from the Exchange, until now has only been able to support speeds from 1.6 – 2.0Mbps, and more recently 1.6Mbps, which has been okay, despite the fact that I pay for an upto 8Mbps service! (but that’s the price you pay to live in a CountryHouse). But it’s almost doubled to 2.9Mbps!

But what’s even weirder, is only a few days ago, I got a nice email from Eclispe Sales, trying to entice me onto a 12 month contract the email reads:-

“We are always trying to improve the products and services that we offer our customers and I would like a chance to discuss your current package with you.

By changing to our Business Bronze package, you could reduce your monthly cost to £19.95+vat and increase your fair usage allowance from 40gb to 50gb. You may also see an improvement in throughput speeds.

Please let us know when you would like us to call you. Alternatively, if having read this, you would like to change to the Business Bronze package, please reply to this email and we will change this for you.

Please note that if you switch to a new service, you will start a new 12 month contract. If you then decided to leave before the end of this 12 month period, an early termination fee would apply.”

I said we would consider this, but at only a £1 reduction a month, and quite happy now with existing service (despite over 20 months of issues, which touch wood have now been resolved!), We are reulctant to change, especially into a 12month contract!

It’s just odd now, our throughput starts to increase….

Until next time, when it’s back to normal!

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