In the beginning …

On driving to the bakers at lunchtime today to get a pasty and sandwich for my lunch, I was struck down by severe stabbing chest pain, so severe that I had to emergency brake and stop the car at silly speed. (the car following me, had a surprise) – I thought I was having a heart attack it came on so quick and was terribly painful, and my immediate thoughts were to stop the car quickly for safety, on getting out of the car, I immediately took off my t-shirt, to check for insects and I found five small puncture wounds and swellings under my left nipple (the owner of the car behind got out to start having a swearing competition with me – but backed down – when I mentioned I’d been stung by an insect – and showed him my left breast!).

I was rather relieved that I’d been stung, but still a little concerned that I couldn’t find anything that had caused it, about 5 minutes later, when leaving the car in the car park, I found a dying young Wasp in the handbrake console, I must have damaged/squashed it when I grasped my chest in the car. The wasp must have flown in through the window or pinged on the wing mirror into my clothing, couldn’t get out, so stung me five times around the nipple!

I was going to call this post Heart Attack, but I thought that would be too alarmist! I could have taken a picture of the dead wasp for the post, but I didn’t think that was very exciting,

so I’ve called it In the beginning …

no reference to the Bible, God or Jesus Christ but to the IBM PC XT! to which I personally owe an awful lot – Thanks IBM!

IBM XT Personal Computer Model 5160

IBM Personal Computer XT Model 5160

IBM XT Personal Computer Model 5160 Made in Scotland

IBM Personal Computer XT Model 5160 Made in Scotland

For those of you, who know your computing history, you’ll know, that I’m not correct, as the 5150 came before this – the original IBM Personal Computer (PC), and was released in 1981, the 5160 (IBM PC XT) was released 2 years later in 1983. But I don’t have a 5150 to photograph!

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