Rats Nest

One of my projects on a client site, is to replace all the defunct, old 3COM network equipment with a new core HP Switch. This network communications cabinet currently  has seven (7) old 3COM switches (3300, 3300XM, 3000SM) all requring power, the communications cupboard gets very hot with all this old network switch equipment, and there is no more room for additional networking. So it’s being replaced with an HP core switch. It’s a very tedious job, labelling all the cables pulling them all out, removing all the older networking equipment, and re-installing the new switch, and cabling up again. But it’s a job that needs to be done…

So whilst your reading this today, give a thought for me, in a dusty, dark cabinet, with a rats nest of cables…..

In the long term, the advantages are clear, lower power consumption, less heat, electricity, CO2, and more network connections for more computers!

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