Programming an X10 Socket Rocket (LM15EB, LS100BC)

The X10 LM15EB or LS100BC, commonly called the “Socket Rocket” ,does not have dials to set the X10 House Code and Address. It must be programmed. Many websites state this must be programmed via an X10 transmitter e.g. IR7243, Mini Controller, Maxi Controller, etc and that you cannot use a CM12/CM15 to set the House Code/Address. Absoulte rubbish!

I don’t know if these websites are trying to generate more sales/income by selling an X10 transmitter. Anyhow, here’s how to program a “socket rocket”, LM15EB or LS100BC WITHOUT an X10 transmitter using a CM15 to set the House Code/Address. Using your grey matter!

When you apply power to the “socket rocket”, the first 30 seconds, it enters programming mode, if you send an ON X10 House Code/Address signal every second for three seconds, if will program the “socket rocket” and remember the X10 House Code/Address after powering off.

For ease, I used a standard lamp, near the computer, and wrote the following macro. Select an un-used X10 House Code/Address for the “socket rocket”.

This is the macro I’ve used, A11 is the House Code/Address, I’ve selected, so send an ON delay for 1 Second, another ON delay for 1 second, final ON delay for 1 second. After the third and final ON, the lamp should light. Don’t forget to Save your House file, and Download the Macro to your CM12/15, before executing.

Programming a Socket Rocket Macro

Programming a Socket Rocket Macro

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