Tropical Fish Shops in Hull

Last Friday 5th June, I had some spare time in Hull, so spent the day driving around visiting the local Tropical Fish shops in and around Hull.

Here are some comments on the lfs I visited

Frisby Aquatics, 115 Sculcoates Lane, Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, HU5 1DN

Located here

Frisby Aquatics is stacked with fish tanks, majority of the smaller tanks are filtered with undergravel filters, the larger tanks are filter with large external filters. When I visited there are many different types of livebearers, cichlids – young angelfish, and if you are an african rift lake cichlids fan, this is the place to obtain some nice large specimens. They also had two large arrowanas as well.

Ings Lane Garden And Water Garden Centre Ltd, Ings Lane, Dunswell, Hull, East Yorkshire, United Hull, East Yorkshire HU6 0AL

Located here.

A very nice modern and clean tropical fish section, the usual John Allan tanks or similar and central filtration system. Good lighting. This place is great, nice synodontis and L number catfish.

and the water garden section is fantastic, what can I say, the Koi on display are fantastic.

This place would encourage me to replace the front lawn with a large koi pond!

The koi are execellent!

Maidenhead Aquatics @ Beverley, Peter Barratt Garden Centre, Hull Road, Woodmansey, HU17 0RS

Friendly staff, the usual Maidenhead setup, with central filtration, lots of fish, and on visiting they had some Electric Blue Jack Dempseys, and I purchased some young Nicaraguen Cichlids to add to my collection, I also have some young males, that these young females will pair up with, and Peter Barratts has a nice coffee shop, to have an expresso!

Located here

Outlet Garden Centre, Hull Road Woodmansey HU17 0RU

I’ve never been here before, and was surprised they stocked some marine, tropical, coldwater fish and reptiles. Many tanks on the far wall. They also had lots of hardware and goods on display, some with dust on, so they don’t sell much of it!

Located here

KKC 6 Astral Rd Hessle East Yorkshire United Kingdom HU13 9DD

Located here 

Located on a housing estate, behind the back of someones house! (hedge could do with cutting!) A fantastic supply of livebearers, guppies, platies and mollies, some very nice blue and blood red guppies for sale. Looks like a much larger version of my fish house, no prices displayed on anything though!

and the marine section .


If you need any tropical marine fish, you need to go to KKC!

I’ve never seen so many different clown fish. There are hundreds of tropical marine fish for sale.

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