Customer Service gone to the dogs!

Back in April, I held a little competition between two high street shops, where items had failed and I returned it to their Head Office c/o Managing Director. Well Congratulations to Clarks Shoes, not only did they respond very quickly, they also provided a nice cheque and apologies for the inconvenience caused. All DSGi (businesses include Currys, Currys Digital, PC World, and Dixons Group Business Services.) could do was send me a nice standard letter from PC World Customer Services directing me back to the PC World Store, oh and arranging for the items to be returned to me (that was 3 weeks ago, and I’ve still not received the items), despite chasing them on their new 0844 telephone number which has already cost me £6.00!

So my advice the next time you want to purchase some computer equipment, and when it fails, expect it be replaced under the 12 month guarantee, because you can take it back to the shop, where purchased:-

Follow my simple four step guide.

1. Give the DSGi group a wide birth (this includes Currys, Currys Digital, PC World, and Dixons Group Business Services, PC World Business, MacWarehouse and Equanet,, Electro World, Elko).

2. Don’t purchase any Adent rubbish. (because PC World will tell you to contact Advent if it goes wrong!)

3. If it develops a fault, throw it in the bin.

4. Better off purchasing from a market trader of eBay! (you’ll have the same level of difficulty getting a replacement or repair!)

Light touch paper and retire…..

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