Bank Holiday Monday

I had hoped to complete Hector’s House today, but the bad wet/windy weather has put a stop to that. It’s almost complete, just requires another paint with Cuprinol “Seagrass”. The new wood, has had four-five coats of paint already, it’s been re-roofed with new “felt”, this was a pain in the bum last weekend, when the weather went cold again! Very difficult to work with hard cold/felt.

Spot the new roof!

add some new battens to rear of house.

another coat of paint and another DIY job completed!

PS I’m building up Reward points from you know who! Now next project operation board out loft!

UPDATE Snails and Slugs are still eating my hostas, despite sharp grit, garlic solution and beer traps, I think I’m going to have to find another solution!

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