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Close shave and chill

I’ve eventually purchased a Python No Spill Clean & Fill Water Changer with an additional 30 inch Python No Spill Extended Length Gravel Tube, which resembles one of the items in the personal property, returned to Austin Powers in the film International Man of Mystery. The scene returning Austin’s personal property after reanimating him! It would be easier using a extended gravel tube on my large 6ft tank.

I tested it quickly last night, and re-filled with ease, but I had not thought carefully enough about introducing cold water straight from my HMA filter into the tank, the cold water which is heavier than warm water fell to the bottom of the tank causing on of my male Altums Angels to chill. I thought I would lose him, so I quickly moved him into another warm tank.

He appears to be okay this morning.

I do not think I will be filling with cold water again, I usually top up with water at the correct temperature.

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