Journey Home

I didn’t purchase any Red Angelfish from Petsathome, they didn’t look well enough to make the six hour journey home to Yorkshire, I was very tired after a long drive home, in wet and hazzardous conditions. So it was too much of a risk to transport fish home [long distance], although I did route via “Sunny” Scunthorpe and the Humber Bridge to collect the following:-

  • A pair of Platinum Angelfish Pterophyllum scalare
  • A pair of Twig Catfish Sturisoma Aureum
  • A pair of Dwarf Hoplo Catfish Hoplosternum pectorale

Here are some pictures taken by the seller “Walter”.

Platinum Angelfish

A pair of Platinum Angelfish Pterophyllum scalare

Sturisoma Aureum

Male Sturisoma Aureum guarding a clutch of eggs.

When the fish have settled down, and I’ve turned the lights back on the quarantine tanks, I’ll take some more pictures.

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