Waste Water

I’ve got 50l of Potassium Permanganate solution at a concentration of 10mg/l that I’ve been using to disinfectant my aquatic plants to remove snails and snail eggs, all waste water from the fish house, is disposed of onto the garden. Not wanting to empty 5ol of mild disinfectant onto the garden, I thought it would be prudent to ask Yorkshire Water, if this could be safely disposed of down the drain. It is possible that this could destroy the good bacteria at the local treatment works. After discussions with Yorkshire Water they advised that I should dispose of it, at a rate of 1l a day down the toilet! So it could take quite a while to dispose of this waste water. Remember this if you are making up quantities to disinfect plants, it may have been easier with hindsight to use a Proprietary “snail off” killer. I’ll make new enquires with Yorkshire Water, if I filter the solution through carbon, if I can then dispose of down the drain. Yorkshire Water were converned that I would kill off the bacteria at the local treatment works and were surprised that you can.

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