Red Dwarf!

The fish house tonight, looks like an episode of Red Dwarf after it’s been hit by Bazookoid. I’ll explain and all will become crystal.

I completed my usual evening checks after work, and I noticed a low temperature warning lamp on Aquarium No.8 (low temperature warning lamp is lit when the Aquarium Temperature is -1.5 degree C below set temperarture), this usual indicates the heater has failed, but then I noticed that someone had not connected the heater correctly, after Sundays’ partial water change! The aquarium temperature had only dropped by 2 degree C, over a 24 hours period, the fish house temperature is about 27 – 30 degree C.

I also noticed that there was a pressure drop in all the airstones operating the sponge filters, this could be a pressure leak on the mini-ring main, but was found to be a crack in the large Hi-Blow Air Pump, I don’t know how this could have occured, so I’ve had to quickly switch to the new air compressor and ring main, which has taken several hours to remove all airlines from aquariums, and connect and balance the air for each aquarium, it doesn’t look tidy at present, because there is airline hanging down all over the floor and aquariums, hence the Red Dwarf comment.

I’ve also had a second attempt, at re-planting the display tank.

Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast…

Bazookoid A mini laser-explosive type weapon. It fires a green projectile, which upon contact with an object produces a massive explosive with a large blast radius. Be warned; this is not for close encounters!

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