Rough Science!

I’ve decided that prevention is better than cure, so rather than have
millions of snails taking over my display tank after the introduction of new
aquatic plants I would soak the plants in a solution of potassium permanganate
at the correct temperature and pH as the display tank for 10 minutes, this
should kill all snails and snail eggs, it acts a mild disinfectant.

Please Note:
Potassium Permanganate is extremely deadly to aquatic organisms only treat
plants externally to the aquarium, and ensure the plants are well rinsed before
placing in the aquarium, never use it direct in the aquarium with live fish or

Permanganate can be obtained from good pharmacies for very little, I paid 1.25
GBP for 25grams, at the concentration I’m going to use, that’s enough for 2,500
litres. I had a little trouble trying to weigh such a small amount, because the
recommended concentration is 10 milli-grams per 1 litre of water, my kitchen
scales minimum is 1 gram.

builders muck bucket holds approximately 50 litres, so 0.5 gram of potassium
permanganate crystals will yield the correct concentration, I weighed 1 grams of
crystals, and then divided the amount evenly using a 10ml measuring cylinder –
it’s called rough science! After 10 minutes soaking in the solution, I rinsed
thoroughly before planting out in the aquarium.

Time will tell if this prevention has worked! I’ll post some before and after
shots of the aquarium, now it’s been planted with the 25 Amazon Swords. I still
await delivery of the 25 Vallis Torta.


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