Air Ring Main Update

I purchased a 5mm HSS drill bit

purchased a 5mm HSS drill bit, and armed with my drill and new bit (I don’t know
why I bought another two drill bits, because shortly after looking for something
else in my toolbox, found a 5mm drill bit!) was ready to start drilling holes in
my air ring main to accommodate 6mm Algarde straight connectors, this was more
difficult a task, than I had thought, and it would probably been easier if I had
pre-drilled the holes, and inserted the connectors before installing the ring
main in the ceiling, with hindsight, I think 90 degree elbow would have been
better, because trying to pull the airline off a test connector it removed it
from the air ring main. I’ve got a few elbows, so I’ll just have to wait and
see, I’m not going to be removing airline much anyway.

 Here is a picture outside the fish house on the opposite side of the jablite
partition, in the un-insulated part of the garage. You can clearly see the Eheim
tubing waiting to be connected to a air supply, I’ve not purchased yet.

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