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Genetically Modified Tropical Fish

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

You may have noticed the banner advert at the footer of the blog Campaigning for the Ban on Dyed Tropical Fish led by PraticalFishkeeping.

I’ve been seeing quite a few Pink/Red Zebra Danios of late in the local tropical fish shops, and thought these were colour endhanced, but they could be possibly genetically modified. If these fish are GMed, they are illegal in the UK, as a license from DEFRA to keep and import is requried.

Last night a program called Animal Farm stated that GMed fish could be on-sale across the world.

The following four minute clipped was aired on Channel 4’s Animal Farm last night (2 April 2007).

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A very special fish - Nannacara adoketa

Friday, March 30th, 2007

I saw these fanastic, stunning, excellent South American Dwarf Cichlids two weeks ago in a local tropical fish shop in York. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the quarantine space to purchase these fish at the time, and was tempted to purchase them, and ask the shop to keep them a few weeks for me. (All fish into the fish house is quarantined, before moving to different holding/breeding/display tanks)

I didn’t purchase them two weeks ago, and I didn’t post a blog entry either, just in case any other readers snapped them up! (crafty eh!). I’ve only ever seen Nannacara anomala, which I had a pair of many years ago, and successfully bred - another lovely South American Dwarf Cichlid, until 12 months ago, when a local fishkeeper, which specialises in Rare South American Cichlids, show me he/she had managed to breed successfully Nannacara adoketa - but he/she wasn’t selling any young, despite how much money I offered! It is possible that these are the young fish sold to a local shop, because I know he/she visits the same shop.

But I did purchase them today. Five Nannacara adoketa in total, three large fish, and two smaller fish. (Well it was payday!)

Nannacara adoketa1
Four Nannacara adoketa photographed from above, in Fintro.

Nannacara adoketa2
Single Nannacara adoketa, poor picture, try and get some better pictures.

I’ll quarantine the fish, feed them up for a few months, and later get a breeding tank ready.

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Corydoras julii or Corydoras sterbai?

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

I visited a local Pet Shop in York on Tuesday, that sells a few “bread and butter” tropical fish, looking for Algarde right-angled airline elbows to finish off my centralised air reservoir. Tuesday was the day, that they had just received their new stock of tropical fish for the week, the fish were not currently for sale, because they wait for 24 hours before selling any fish (good to see!). After looking around the tanks, I noticed two large Corys in one tank and I was 99 percent sure, I knew what they were, so I asked the Pet Shop Owner, how much they were, without trying to readily indentify them, (so he could look them up on his invoice!). He told me they were labelled and pointed to a label stating Corydoras julii 4.25 GBP”. I immediately paid the man, and said I would collect in Wednesday, unfortunately, I was unable to collect until this evening, and I did think, that they might had sold them to someone else, or identified them correctly.

On returning this evening they were still there, quickly netted and handed over to me, but he did say I don’t think there julii’s, and then told me it would be the suppliers loss, because if the supplier doesn’t have the number of Julii’s he asks for, they just drop any other Cory in at the same price! I feel better now! Pet Shop doesn’t lose any money, just the distributor!

Anyway it was a chance to try out the Fintro…

Here’s the pictures..What do you think Corydoras julii or Corydoras sterbai?

Fintro in Use
Introduced using the Fintro

Corydoras sterbai1
Corydoras julii or Corydoras sterbai?

Corydoras sterbai2
Corydoras julii or Corydoras sterbai?

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The Fintro by Maidenhead Aquatics

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

The Fintro - Fish Acclimatisation Unit or Fish Introduction Unit call it what you like, I’ve been trying to make one of these for years, using plastic yoghurt cartons, plastic fruit boxes, the best method I found was to use Ferrero Rocher plastic boxes, with holes drilled in the bottom, the only problem, I could never get the water fill/flow rate correct, or the stability of the plastic box in the water.

Now these problems, have been solved with the The Fintro by Maidenhead Aquatics. I know this device has just been reviewed in the March 2007 Issue of PracticalFishkeeping Magazine, but I was keen to purchase a two units, and test it for myself. I purchase many fish for the fish house (too many sometimes!), and the older method of just floating the tropical fish in the bag from the tropical fish shop fvor 30 minutes has long been proved in-correct. I usually introduce fish into my quarantine tanks, by floating the bag to equalize temperatures, but I also remove water from the bag, and throw away, and slowly over a period of 30-45 minutes, replace the water in the bag with tank water. This lessens the stress on the fish, by gradually introducing the fish to your aquariums water chemistry, rather than causing toxic shock due to vast pH changes.

  • Float the Fintro in your aquarium.

  • Transfer the fish from bag to Fintro, making sure the fish are in the bottom chamber, and there is at least 1cm of water in the upper chamber. (make sure this is over the tank, because although there is a one-way valve,if you fill the Fintro, not over a tank, water will go on the floor!)
  • The Fintro has a valve which permits a very slow trickle of water to gradually fill it, giving time for your new fish to adjust to the aquarium water conditions.
  • After approximately 45 minutes the Fintro will be completely full and sink to the bottom of the tank, releasing the fish.

The Fintro by Maidenhead Aquatics

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Harvey’s Pet Shop, 10 Dyer Lane, Beverley

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

Whilst in Beverley today, I popped into a local pet shop that I noticed for the first time, were selling tropical fish, there is only a small selection of “bread and butter” tropical fish upstairs, approx eight tanks, neons, guppies, cloan loach, fighters etc, tanks are very clean, and the fish are all very healthy - the owners are very friendly, and if you ask, can order you most fish. I purchased some Bleeding Heart Tetras, to add to a larger collection I have, at a very competetive price of 1.45GBP each.

There was also a tank of possibly desribed as Yellow haplochromis, very nice fish, and if it was still in the tank, when I returned later that day, would have purchased one - but it had sold earlier that day! Damn!

(the shop is oppposite the Auto/Motor shop where I purchased me leather cream/cleaner for my new leather seats!).

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Out and about..

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

Whilst travelling up to North Allerton today to collect some new half leather seats for my Peugeot 205, I passed a tropical fish shop called Aquatic Finatic situated on the A168 - Thirsk Road, just outside North Allerton. A little bit too far for a regular visit from York, but definately worth a stop, and browse on the way back, (engine and gearbox needed a cooldown, after raylle-ing around North Yorkshire Dales to the back of beyond to collect my seats!).

A very interesting tropical fish shop, friendly staff, interesting fish, and plenty of ‘Ls’ in stock. A nice discount of ten percent on many fish, if you purchase more than 5. I needed to stock up on Zebra Danios to keep tanks “cycling” so I purchase twenty, and some Hikari Algae Wafers, it’s good to see these back in stock at last.

P.S. The music on the Aquatic Finatic website sounds like, a man on a keyboard at the local social club!

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Poor Pleco, well actually it’s a Gibbiceps

Friday, June 30th, 2006

About 2 years ago I acquired a Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps or “Sailfin Pleco” from a local tropical fish shop in York which needed some tender loving care, it was really poorly; sunken eyes, and a grey/white covering over its fins. This didn’t appear to be fungus, but the fish was clearly not deporting well, with clamped and torn fins. This was the picture of the fish.

Glyptoperichthys Gibbiceps

I’ve been waiting 2 years for it’s sailfin to grow back, and it had almost grown back, I was going to take some pictures and produce a “before” and “after” shot for the blog, when the same fish was struck down by a sudden bacterial infection “fin rot”, which started to eat away at all it’s fins, it only affected this catfish in my display tank, so it was immediately moved to a quarantine tank in the fish house, and dosed with Melafix, and large quantities of cucumber for 7 days, and I happy to report, it’s fins are recovering well.

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Coincidence first Animal House and then UK Marines Ltd

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

Last August I reported that Aquatics Mail Order giant Animal House, Batley, West Yorkshire had closed down, various rumours exist as to why they closed their doors for the very last time.

Almost twelve months later, after discussions with an eBay seller, who was responsible for the disposal of several items from a tropical fish shop in Batley, I discovered that UK Marines Ltd had closed.

This is a picture of the display tank measuring 9`x2`6″x2`6″ which was sold on eBay, following the demise of UK Marines Ltd, Batley, West Yorkshire. Many years ago, this tank was stocked with marine fish, but more recently had large oscars and gouramis present.

UK Marines Ltd Fish Tank 1
Display tank measuring 9`x2`6″x2`6″ at the rear of the shop.

UK Marines Ltd Fish Tank 2
Another tank from UK Marines Ltd

UK Marines Ltd Fish Tank 3
Another tank from UK Marines Ltd

I did some investigations, and spoke to Roy Meeke, he told me he has not been involved with UK Marines Ltd for at least three years. UK Marines Ltd, Company No.03809034 was incorporated in July 1999, the directors at that time were Lynn Day and Roy Meeke, the company was dissolved in May 2002. Therefore it should not have been trading as UK Marines Ltd in the last few years since May 2002!

UK Marines Ltd, never updated their website, or removed Roy Meeke’s name from it.

I’ve discovered some other irregularities with UK Marines Ltd, but more on that later. All this information is available in the public domain.

Did UK Marines Ltd close due to lack of trade in Batley, due to Animal House’s closure?

When Animal House closed, I posed this question to the owner Philip Day, on my reqular visit to UK Marines Ltd, who indiciated that it would not cause a problem, but over the last tweleve months, I noticed a deline in the stock and hardware in the store, and told they were “re-furbishing” the store, and then they were going to “relocate” to Huddersfield!

Good Luck Philip & Lynn, where ever you are…!

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Corydoras Aeneus "Peru Gold Stripe"

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

I’ve been trying to photograph these active corydoras catfish since I purchased them last Saturday 3 June 2006, while my partner was doing the shopping at Sainsburys; I escaped and this is what I found! Last weekend, I was suffering from Fish Action withdrawl symptoms, as I didn’t attend Ashby or Caer Urfa Open Show and Fish Auction, so went on a local fish expedition instead.

It’s taken over 250 shots, to catch these active corydoras catfish. I’m glad I’m digital! (must clean the glass on the aquarium).

The common “pink” and “albino” variations of Corydoras Aeneus are very common, I have a trio (two males and a female), and If I could catch them from my 6ftx2ftx2ft tank, I would try and breed them. That’s another story of how they got in there? I’ve seen in books, many different variations of Corydoras Aeneus, but never seen any to purchase. These were described as “Gold Line Corys” in the local tropical fish shop. I’m hoping to get some more, and that reminds me, must return to the shop and pay for them as their debit card machine was down!

Corydoras Gold Line 1
Two Corydoras Aeneus “Peru Gold Stripe” catfish

Corydoras Gold Line 2
Larger of the two Corydoras Aeneus“Peru Gold Stripe” catfish

Corydoras Gold Line 3
Smaller of the two Corydoras Aeneus “Peru Gold Stripe” catfish

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This is what I won!

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

I missed out on these excellent fish last year, because I must have been sleeping when the auction lot came up, and before I knew it, they were ALL sold. I was ready and waiting this year for the breeder to return, he was in the auction room, so had he brought any fish to the auction.

I was determined these fish would be mine this year, one thing which is a little different at Castleford Fish Auctions, is if there are similiar lots, the highest bidder gets the option of all the bags! So if you want the fish you must bid, because the highest bidder has the option to snag all the bags, at the bidding price! If he doesn’t want all the bags, the option goes to the second and third bidders etc Otherwise the bidding starts again, I think this is a fair auction system.

I bid and won, my bid price was 5.50GBP for a pair, and considering you would pay that for one fish in a local tropical fish shop, an excellent price. I opted to take all three bags, but ended up with one for free, as the seller, decided that one fish, was not looking to good.

This is what I won:-

Bosemani Rainbow No.1
Bosemani Rainbow Melanotaenia boesemani

Bosemani Rainbow No.2
Bosemani Rainbow Melanotaenia boesemani

I’ve been waiting for these fish to appear at the auctions for over tweleve months!

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