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Pestilence & Disease

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

This is why we don’t see many plums each year, the birds start to peck at my plums, and then the wasps come and finish them off!

wasps eating my victoria plums

wasps eating my victoria plums

click for a closer high resolution view - if you dare!

another close-up of wasps on my plums

another close-up of wasps on my plums

and then my tomatoe plants got struck by bl**dy blight!

My tomatoe plants have been doing very well this year outside, but in the last few five days, with the cooler, wetter weather, it looks like all my cordon varietys have been struck by blight!

Damn it!

Oh well, there’s always next year!

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July 2009 Tomatoe update

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Since planting out into the grow bags, my tomatoe plants have done very well with the hot summer days, followed by the thundery showers.

tomatoe plants in July 2009 next to shed

tomatoe plants in July 2009 next to shed

tomatoe plants in July 2009 next to greenhouse

tomatoe plants in July 2009 next to greenhouse

Even the potted tomatoe plants - Tombling Tom Red, which were damaged and wilted by the sun, have come back, after I chopped them back, and been watering twice a day since. So I live in hope that I’ll have some tomatoes this year!

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Cheap Growbags

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009
I purchased ten Bulrush Growbags from Somerfields today, cheap at £1.29 each, well cheaper than my local garden centre. I was going to have them delivered and save my back and car, but free delivery was only available over £25, and I would have to have purchased another ten!

Ten Bulrush Growbags

Ten Bulrush Growbags

 I’ve never heard of Bulrush growbags, but these are for my tomatoes when I put them out at the end of the month.

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Compost frame (After)

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

(sorry folks got distracted, the Chairperson of the newly formed Allotment Association came to collect some of my Tomatoe plants!)

After some cutting with the jigsaw, hammering of nails, and stapling here we have the new lid.


it sits on top of the composter




I’ve recently dug out over 500 litres of organic compost, which has been used in the garden. Here’s a picture of compost corner.


Compost Corner

Compost Corner

Two plastic composters made from recycled plastic, and a 1m x 1m square wooden composter, the wood has started to rot, so this will need replacing in the next year or so.

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Tomatoe Update

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

An update on the tomatoes and chilli plants growing in the porch. Tomatoes are doing very well, chilli plants are very slow growing, I may transfer into 3″ pots now. I’ve been asking people, if they want any free tomatoe plants, not had any takes yet! I don’t know what’s the matter with them, if I was offered FREE tomatoe plants, I would take them. The weather has been so warm outside, that two of my tomatoe plants were severely affected by heat and wilted, one has recovered fully, the other looks very poor.

Tomatoe Plants in Porch

Tomatoe Plants in Porch

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Tomatoe seedling update

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Since transplanting the seedlings into 3″ pots, they’ve started to romp away and grow very quickly. Here are some updated photos. The only small issue one of my trays has sprung a leak so when watering, water gets on my shoes, underneath in the shoe rack. I’ve applied a little bit of science this year in growing tomatoes, rather than plant any seeds, I’ve gone for early cordon and bush varities. I’ve only planted half the allocation of seeds I received, the other half can be used next year, but out of this half, only 1/4 germinated, but I still have too many plants for me! So I’l be gving some away! The varities being grown are:-

Bush Varities

  • Red Alert
  • Tumbling Tom Red
  • Gartenpearle

Cordon Varities

  • Black Cherry
  • Money Maker
  • Alicante
  • Tigerilla
  • Golden Sunrise
  • Genovesa Costoluto (Italian seeds)
The porch where they are located was getting a bit cold at night, and also there is a small damp issue, because of a poorly fitted damp course, so I’ve installed a Glen tubular electric heater on a timer, thermostatically controller, so if the temperature falls below 20 degrees C, between the hours of 12.30 - 7.30 GMT, the 200 watt heater comes on. (I’m on Economy 7, so 200 watts of electric is neglible, when your average is 3 kwatts a day!).

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Tomatoe Seedlings transplated to 3″ pots

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

I transplanted all Tomatoe Seedlings into 3″ pots today. These will stay in these pots, until moved to their final position, in large pots or growbags, not decided yet! I may give some away, as there’s too many here for me! These are currently growing without heat, in the porch, I’ve now turned off the heated propagators.

Tomatoe Seedlings in 3
View from above. Tomatoe Seedlings into 3″ pots.

Tomatoe Seedlings in 3
View from side. Tomatoe Seedlings into 3″ pots.

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“Pyrex Cloches” in use

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Here are the glass “Pyrex Cloches” in use protecting my tomato plants. This variety is Totem, a bush variety, suitable for containers and patios.

I’m determine to get a crop of tomatos this year, and hence, I’m trying to get a head start by risking moving two plants outside in late March. In the warm weather the cloches get removed, but I leave them on in the cold wind and rain, and I night I put them to bed and cover them up.

Pyrex Cloche No.4
Pyrex Cloches” in use

Pyrex Cloche No.5
At night the cloches get wrapped in large bubble-wrap, and covered with a draw-string frost protection fleece.

UPDATE 29th March 2009 It got that hot today, in the first hour between 11.00-12.00, that one of the tomato plants in the cloche, got fried! I don’t think it’s going to pull through! Umm!

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Pyrex Cloche or Bell Jar?

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

I use them as garden cloches to protect the plants from frost, the wind and rain, I cannot remember how they came into my possession, but I’ve had them roughly 10 years now, they’ve been stuck behind the greenhouse for the last 2-3 years, but I want a head start on my outdoor tomatoes this year, so I’ve cleaned them ready for use to protect my tomato plants from the cold winds and frost.

If you know what they are, answers on a postcard to …

Pyrex Cloche No.1
Pictured from the top, it has a metal pipe screwed into the top, sealed with a rubber seal.

Pyrex Cloche No.2
The makers stamp can be clearly seen. Manufactured by Pyrex, Made in England

Pyrex Cloche No.3
I have two of these glass items, and as you can see, they’ve had special metal frames that carry them. They are open at the bottom, and the glass fits the frame exactly.

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Tomatoe Seedlings

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Some of the seeds I’ve been growing this month, determined to get a head start this year, and get a crop of tomatoes, (weather permitting). I’ve placed tomatoe and chilli seeds in heated propagators to get the seeds germinating quicker and to give me a head start.

Heated Propagators
Heated Propagators

Once, they’ve germinated I’ve removed the seedlings into un-heated propagators (these are B&Q heated propagators, but not plugged in!).

Unheated Propagators
Un-heated Propagators

Tomatoe Seedlings
Propagators with the covers off.

Close up of seedlings
Click image for a close-up of seedlings

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