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Why not @TileApp for Christmas!, a handy Christmas Present for that gadget loving someone that is always losing stuff!

Friday, November 10th, 2017

if you have a smart phone, and keep losing your keys, wallet why not use TileApp, I’ve been using TileApp for a few years now, and now it’s time to reTile again, and here are my new Tiles (or tags) to hang on my keys, and by the power of bluetooth, and Crowd Source GPS, will hopefully be able to find my keys if I lose them.

It has saved me a number of times, when I’ve misplaced my wallet or keys, and I can check with my phone the last time it contacted the tile, and displays that location on a map.

Click this link to purchase a tile

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Why don’t vendors @sainsburys ?@BootsUK ?@tileapptest test their Websites anymore!!!

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017


What is happening with the world, companies not testing websites anymore, but still wanting us to purchase ONLINE, in the last week, I’ve been having issues with

1. Sainsburys

Changed their system from usernames to use email addresses, only my email address is already registered, so website crapped out!

2. BootsUK

Checking out, causes this….

Boots Website Error

3, Tile App

When you add a product to your basket, the price increases by 10 GBP for no reason!

How on earth, users with little computing experience deal with the likes of these diddly donks I’ll never know! But to answer diddly donks customer support questions because they seem incable of understanding what I’m telling them!

I’ve tried clearing my cookies, I’ve tried multiple browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. I’ve cleared my cache, I’ve tried multiple computers, I’ve tried different ISPs, I’ve changed my under crackers, I’ve had a good breakfast, YOUR WEBSITE still doesn’t WORK!

and nobody seems to care!

Oh, Boots fixed my issue, they deleted my account, and asked me to create a new one!!!!!!


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