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The Amazing FishCam

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
The Amazing FishCam

The Amazing FishCam

This isn’t my webcam, I wish. If you’ve not seen this at pop by and have a look. Way back in 1994 a camera was trained upon a lonely fishtank within the as yet unknown company Netscape. The Fishcam transmited live images of the fishtank to the emerging new landscape known as the World Wide Web. The Fishcam was the second live camera on the web and is the oldest camera site still in existence.

I remember in those early days using Netscape Navigator because it had a server push feature that didn’t exist in Internet Explorer. It also had an easter egg, that when you hit CTRL-ALT-F, it displayed The Amazing FishCam.

Maybe it’s time to re-install the webcams back in the fish house!

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