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Andysworld! Advent Calendar - Dec 21 - This got my attention, late last night, Seneye High Temperature Alert!

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011


I’m currently evaluating a new product for the Aquarium, it’s called a Seneye. It claims “the biggest innovation in aquatics has arrived”, after the mad panic, of rushing out to the fish house early this morning, it was a false alarm! (Tropical fresh water temperature range is from 22 - 32 Deg C).

It seems to be having teething issues!

Watch out for my review later….

UPDATE: This was caused by a bug in the software, as you can see on the Seneye screenshot, I’m running version 114, Seneye stated “Additional error checking code had been added into the latest version of the seneye connect PC software which should stop these incorrect readings.” I’ve download version 118, and will install shortly.

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Fish House Thermometer

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

I’ve been doing some fixing, the computer which controls, a few things in the fish house has been repaired. So I am able to remotely monitor Fish House Air temperatures, and also exterior temperatures again. Although the external temperature probe needs re-calibrating again!

Update: 20 Nov 11 Probe B re-calibrated - it should be reading correct now.

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Monitoring of Temperartures of Tanks in Fish House

Friday, December 24th, 2010

This is probably going to bore the pants of most of you, but it’s information for me really. I’ve been wanting to monitor real-time temperatures of ALL tanks in the fish house for a while, so this is just a test, these tanks are under contiuous monitoring at present, linked to Internet, by uploading real-time charts, emailing me real-time data every minute and also Alerting me by Text Message to my Mobile Phone or Fixed Landline.

Temperature (as are other water parameters) is critical to tropical fish, under temperature of over temperature if a heater should fail. I can also monitor pH, redox potential, conductivity, water levels, oxygen content and air pressure, if I wish using different probes.

Temperature of Tank 1 in Fish House

Temperature of Tank 1 in Fish House

Temperature of Tank 2 in Fish House

Temperature of Tank 2 in Fish House

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