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HOW Andysworld! ULTRAFAST (FTTP) Broadband was installed.

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

These are my notes, based on discussions with Openreach Engineers, recent discussions with friends (Thanks Peter) which also had FTTP installed in June/July 2018, and my observations of my installation on 3 July 2018.

There seems to be little documentation on the interweb, as to how FTTP/FTTH or Ultrafast broadband is now (July 2018) installed by Openreach. Openreach are now rolling out fibre over poles, because it’s a much cheaper method of delivering fibre to premises (FTTP). Engineers have informed me that deploying fibre underground by Openreach is stopping. (apart from new builds and estates!).

What I had read was out of date, not current, and now incorrect as of writing this (July 2018). It would appear that Openreach and their parent company BT, are reviewing installation techniques and procedures all the time, no doubt to make it quicker. At present based on discussions with Openreach Engineers, this is every 6 months. It may be possible in the future, that Openreach delivers FTTP as “wires” only, and you provide your own fibre router.

At present (July 2018):- Openreach

  • Do not blow fibre to the premises.
  • Do not use a fusion splicer to splice fibre or terminate in the property.

An 8 port fibre manifold is fitted to your telegraph pole which currently supplies your copper telephone line.

8 Fibre Connectors at top of pole

8 Fibre Connectors at top of pole

Fibre manifold before fitting my fibre cable

Fibre manifold before fitting my fibre cable

A ready made fibre cable is used to replace the existing copper telephone cable, this fibre cable is already pre-terminated at the pole end with the correct connector, these cables come in standard lengths, of 55m, 110m and longer. The new fibre cable is a “twin-ax” type infinity symbol looking cable. So only a single cable is connected from property to telegraph pole. This is the best picture I could get, sorry about the quality, normal service will resume as soon as possible!

The new "fibre cable" to house

The new "fibre cable" to house

  1. an armoured cable, and 4 outer layers protects the fragile internal fibre. (for FTTP – broadband)
  2. a copper 2 wire cable is also included. – this is used for copper telephone, and provision of telephone or ADSL 2/2+ if required.
  • Openreach usually fit the optical network terminator (ONT) next to the existing BT NTE5 master socket, but this can be changed, if asked nicely, so you do not need to have NTE5 and ONT near each other!*
  • ONT was secured and mounted on the wall.
  • The existing copper telephone cable at the eyebolt on the property is cut.
telephone line cut!

telephone line cut!

  • Pulley connected to the eyebolt. (I asked Openreach to insert a new eyebolt into the brick work, rather than use the existing on on the wooden soffit!)
  • The new fibre cable is secured to the end of the telephone (copper) line at the telegraph pole, and connects the fibre connector to the manifold on the pole.
fibre cable connected to manifold

fibre cable connected to manifold

  • The new fibre is pulled from the pole to the eyebolt, and it’s then secured. It has to be pulled from the pole, because it’s pre-terminated already when supplied.
  • Copper telephone line is re-connected at the telegraph pole.
  • A hole is drilled from inside the property to the outside, “through” the ONT (it’s done this way to stop any plaster falling of the wall internally, and it can be hidden easier on the outside!)
  • Copper telephone line is connected back to copper line on the property – (telephone restored)**
  • Fibre cable is inserted into building via hole.
  • The cable is stripped, fibre is cleaned, push fit fibre connector is used
  • Light tester is used to check the amount of light coming down the cable is within tolerance.***
  • Connected into ONT.****
External wiring to property notice two distinct cables copper and fibre!

External wiring to property notice two distinct cables copper and fibre! (connector and new eyebolt!)

The new ONT

Openreach Optical Network Terminator

Openreach Optical Network Terminator an AA battery is used to show the size of the ONT, which is massive! This has been used in installations since November 2017, and incorporates the ONT and Battery backup unit, in a special enclosure, to make it look a little smarter and cleaner! The unit is powered in the property, and if power is lost, the battery backup maintains it for 2 hours. (I've tested!)

Openreach Optical Network Terminator

Openreach Optical Network Terminator with panel open! Orange ethernet cable is to my router, green plug is the fibre through the wall!

I’m surprised there is no branding Openreach, or sticker…. just a blank whitebox! The charging light has no gone off, so only lit when charging!

Many Thanks to Peter, Paul, Mike (Openreach Engineer),  and Zen Internet.

*Lots of tea, coffee, sparkling water with ice, 2 plates of cookies and a plate of chocolate McVities digestives was offered and eaten by my two engineers! Keep them sweet!

**At present BT are the only company which have the FVA (Fibre Voice Access – e.g. telephone via Fibre), so at present until Zen have this product my fixed landline telephone lines still comes over copper!

***No fusion splicing!

****New ONT started being used in November 2017. It’s a large box, which incorporates the ONT and Battery Back unit, but all sealed in a larger box.

Here are a couple of web links, which I’ve used to understand FTTP more!

What is FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) Broadband?

Peter’s Business Website

How to build a Fibre Network

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Superfast Broadband FIBRE is 400m away from our house! It’s now in the “Shire!”

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Superfast Broadband FIBRE is 400m away from our house!


I spotted the van even closer to the house this morning, approx 400m away now! The next junction box after this, is 20m from our house at the base of our telegraph pole!

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Andysworld! to get Superfast Broadband ? Possibly ?

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

If you don’t know, I live in a rural idle in Yorkshire which some have described as a “Shire out of Tolkien” where the hobbits live! (I’m actually a little larger than a hobbit, some would say much larger!)

Lovely as it is, it does suffer one draw back, currently I’m in the 10% of the population without what the Government calls “Superfast Broadband” – at best when the wind blows in the right direction I may get up to 3.5 Meg download speed, my telephone line is still connected to a telegraph pole, and my line length is approx 3.9km from the BT exchange, and that’s not as the crow flies, because the came runs in a junction at the side of the road.

So broadband speed is slow. Three years ago, I blogged when I “nerded or geeked out” – Welcome to Cabinet World! – Andy stalks more cabs! , checking out the local cabs in the area, that had been upgraded, and fibre enabled, and hoped one day that poor old Cabinet Number 10 would be upgraded. All the other cabs in the local town have been upgraded but this sad cabinet has been left, and this is where my telephone line terminates!

3 years later, it remains the same!


Whilst out walking in early March 2017, the noisy bugger I am, spotted a notice on a BT Telegraph pole, near my house

Openreach Notice on Telegraph pole

Openreach Notice on Telegraph pole

When I first noticed it, I didn’t read it fully, and thought maybe they were replacing the old telegraph poles because they had rotten, but then I visited When Can I get Fibre ? which I have visited many times, last year!

When Can I get Fibre ?

When Can I get Fibre ?

I could not believe it now states FTTP – Fibre to the Premises, so excited, and I’m sure a little bit of wee came out, I rushed back to the notice on the telegraph pole, and read in more detail…

“to install fibre broadband pole/s” – I’ve read articles, by Openreach, which have suggested they are now using poles and not holes!

Early April, I spotted Openreach Engineers near my Cab 10, but it had not changed, and more recently I’ve been seeing them getting closer to my house.

img_1338I asked this engineer, how far they were going and he said he didn’t know! This was 24 April 2017. Approx 1800 metres from my house.

Today, they are just round the corner! (750 metres away!)  You can see the reel of fibre on the rear of the lorry.


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Welcome to Cabinet World! – Andy stalks more cabs!

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

On my travels, I’ve been stalking more BT Openreach “Cabs”, that have been upgraded or added to facilitate “Superfast Broadband” in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Pocklington area.

This FTTC cabinet is taller than me, at 6ft!

This is the largest FTTC cab I've found!

Another large FTTC cabinet, outside Co-op

Another large FTTC cabinet, outside Co-op, in fact this cabinet obstructs your view, when pulling out of the Co-op car park!

Different older style PPC cab

Different older style PPC cab

Recently, these stickers have been stuck on the cabs!

Recently, these stickers have been stuck on the cabs! Note the ventilation slits to cool the switch gear inside!

Now the next photo is very interesting….(well I think so…), this is Cabinet 1, and it’s NOT been upgraded as yet, I thought all the cabinets in Pocklington, had been upgraded except Cabinet 10. Cabinet 1 is located on the main high street in Pocklington (Main Street!), which supports ALL the shops, so they’ll not be on Superfast Broadband yet!

Cabinet 1 on Main Street, Pocklington

Cabinet 1 on Main Street, Pocklington

and this is Cabinet 10

Cabinet 10 on "The Mile"

Cabinet 10 on "The Mile"

Cabinet 10 on "The Mile", plenty of space for a new FTTC cab!

Cabinet 10 on "The Mile", plenty of space for a new FTTC cab!

and the importance of Cabinet 10, is it’s My Cab! Well not my personal cab, but where my fixed telephone line terminates!

So there is plenty of space near Cab 10 for a new FTTC cab, and I understand that Cab 1 and Cab 10 are still being evaluated, for upgrade, so there is maybe still hope!

It’s possible, that as quite of lot of work may be required for Cab1 (it’s on a busy high street), and my new Cab needs to planned, because it’s near residents garden….

Lets keep fingers crossed!

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Superfast broadband is coming maybe – Andy stalks Cabinets!

Monday, September 15th, 2014

In the lasts couple of weeks, driving on the way to work, I’ve noticed these new “green daleks” appearing on the street..

older BT "PCP" distribution cabinets

older BT "PCP" distribution cabinets

near the older BT “PCP” distribution cabinets

New FTTC Cabinet

New FTTC Cabinet

recent BT manhole cover

recent BT manhole cover

these are in fact the new style FTCC cabinets (fibre to the cabinet/premises), they have ventilation holes, because the new cabinets, just do not contain patch panels, but also electronic network switching gear, so they’ll run warm!

These are for Superfast Broadband, or BT Infinity. These cabinets are just off the A1079, at Bolton Lane, there are also many in Pocklington, that have been recently installed….

I’ve been stalking my cabinet, which has a cable run of 3.7km from my house, to the nearest junction box, and as yet no new  FTCC cabinets has appeared, most of the others in Pocklington have now been completed!

I now fear, I could be in the 10% of Rural people, that are excluded from the Governments project to equip 90% of the country with Superfast Broadband!

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