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The HDi is back on the road again!

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011
HDi Engine Cover on Citroen Xsara MkII 2.0 HDi

HDi Engine Cover on Citroen Xsara MkII LX 2.0 HDi

Two weeks since the starter motor failed, my Citreon Xsara MkII LX 2.0 HDi is fixed and back on the road again.

Most of this time has been taken up by finding the existing model in the car, (aided with mirror) and matching and finding the part, but CM Motorspares came through and supplied me with the exact same model, a M001T80481 – Mitsubishi, although the label on mine had scorch marks and I couldn’t read three numbers in the middle, I cross referenced the part against the Citroen Service Site (details here) this came from a Citroen Xsara Mk2 2.0 HDi starter motor, taken from 2002 5dr hatch with 65,000 miles.

My delivery arrived yesterday at 3.00pm, and 15 minutes later I had the starter installed waiting for the ECU/BSI to initialize before starting (Important! you wait 2 mins after connecting battery, before starting!), the only little snag, trying to hold starter motor with one hand, whilst bolting with the other, (only to find the bolts two arms lengths away and I couldn’t reach!)

Starting the car is much better, in  fact it’s the best it’s ever been, I did think this was caused by the battery in December so purchased a new one not required! But I did find that the battery in the car, was wrong for a Turbo Diesel, as it had a low cold crank value. So always good to have a new battery and a spare!!!

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Esther, Angus and Matilda

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The “Un-sung Heros” @ the Citroen Xsara Owners’ Club (yes it does exist!!!)

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Jon, Battery Solutions York Ltd

Andrew@ CM Motorspares

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Starter Motor Removed on Citreon Xsara LX 2.0 HDi

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

I successfully managed to disconnect the electrical (ground) and postive electrical connections from the start motor on Wednesday, but I couldn’t shift the 8mm hex bolts with my current 8mm hex bolt “adaptor”, they’ve been bolted in very well, and I also need a 6mm hex bolt socket to remove the power steering pipes as well, to gain access to the final 8mm hex bolt.

So a trip to Halfords was required to purchase an 6mm and 8mm hex bolt socket. (I also had a little difficulty this morning, because I had put my tools in the boot of the car, and since found there is no way to open the boot with the central locking working, there is no boot lid lever in the Xsara, so I had to climb into the boot from ther back seats!)

M001T80481 - Mitsubishi Starter Motor for Citroen Xsara MkII 2.0 HDi

M001T80481 - Mitsubishi Starter Motor for Citroen Xsara MkII 2.0 HDi

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Starter motor faulty on my Citreon Xsara LX 2.0 HDi

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

The starter motor or solenoid has become faulty on my car, and I cannot start it, when I turn the keys in the ignition, it just goes click!

So I’ve been out this morning with a mirror and digital camera, trying to work out what the model number is!

Starter Motor reflection in mirror

Starter Motor reflection in mirror

Starter Motor reflection in mirror

Starter Motor reflection in mirror

and it’s typical the label’s burnt through that must have been where the smoke came from. But I think it’s M001T80481!

Starter motor diagram

Starter motor diagram

I just need to find out how to remove it now!

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