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Thanks to SimpliVity for the Raspberry Pi!

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

simplivity-logoI’ve arrived home from work yesterday evening late, after changing yet another wheel on my car after a puncture! A nice treat after spending an hour changing a wheel/tyre!

To find this delivery from the US via FedEx!

A Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi

Thanks to SimpliVity for the Raspberry Pi, a gift from  them for being a VMware vExpert 2013!

A little bit about SimpliVity

SimpliVity was established in late 2009 with the humble mission of simplifying IT, and we are well on our way.   OmniStack™–our novel technology that includes 10 patent-pending innovations– powers a new assimilated, IT infrastructure platform. SimpliVity’s OmniCube™ platform provides enterprise computing, storage services and  network functionality, inclusive of WAN optimization, Unified Global Management, Seamless Cloud Integration, Primary Storage Deduplication, Backup deduplication, Caching, and Global Scale Out— all at a fraction of the acquisition cost of standard infrastructure, a fraction of today’s traditional operating costs, and with a game-changing reduction in complexity.  When deployed, OmniCube systems create an OmniCube Global Federation, creating a massively scalable pool of shared resources, and enabling efficient data movement, scalability, and enterprise class system availability – all managed from a single pane of glass, by a single admin.

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