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Okay, it’s POETS day - Press the Space Bar 2000

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Okay, it’s POETS day, and if you are winding down for the weekend, and you’ve got five minutes at you office desk, have you ever visitied the Press the Space Bar 2000 Web site.

It’s simple, you just whack hell out of your space bar, and see how many hits you can get in 5, 10 or 20 seconds. At this point I must point out that I’m not reponsible for any damage caused to your keyboard, by playing this game, so play it at work, and break you office keyboard!! (he he!).

I remember BBC Micros with broken Z,X,@,?, Enter and Space Bar keys after playing Defender, or Chuckie Egg!

oh, and here are my High Scores…

and for that trip down memory lane for a few of you…

Chuckie Egg on the BBC Micro

Chuckie Egg on the BBC Micro

Chuckie Egg on the BBC Micro

Chuckie Egg on the BBC Micro

In the ’80’s my Poppy (Grandfather), loved playing this game! This was the only computer game he played! He was actually very good, but it was quite funny hearing him swear at the computer, you’d often here him say ” b****y chuckie egg!” as he went for a smoke!

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