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Puzzled by a distorted, bent Mac Book Pro case?

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

I discovered today, an Apple Mac Book Pro laptop would not sit flush on my desk, it had a “wabble”, I turned it over, expecting to find one of the rubber feet missing, to discover the case was distorted and bent!


The user went to make enquiries  as to whether any of his work colleagues, had dropped his Apple Mac Book Pro, whilst he was away from his desk, in conversation with me. Nobody in his office, reported to him, they had dropped his Apple Mac Book Pro, later whilst installing Apple Mountain Lion, the laptop went bang, it still remained working, but the install failed, it re-installed fine.

the cause of the distorted case, was later to be found on removal of the case…


faulty battery, notice the bulge on the battery, this has caused the case to distort!

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