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To the Memory of Frank!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

It is with deep regret that I have to report the death of Frank "The Killer"
Double Black Angelfish. I found Frank dead this evening in his aquarium that he
has shared with two unknown L number catfish for the last year. Water quality
and temperature were checked and all are within acceptable parameters.

I’ve mentioned Frank already in this blog, just over a week and a half ago,
when one of his offspring, a young female died of unknown causes. Frank was a
fantastic male angelfish, that sired many offspring, one of few males, that
would not eat the eggs or fry, but in the last spawning over 12 months ago, he
decided to kill the female angelfish for reasons unknown, and I could never pair
him up again, after trying many times. I could not risk any more female
angelfish, so decided to keep Frank in solitary confinement in his own aquarium
with two L number catfish as a pet. Most breeders would probably have sold him
on or got rid, but Frank became a real character, and was always happy to see me
when I visited the fish house. I became quite attached to Frank and I’m deeply
sadden by his passing, which is unusual when you have a vast collection of

Here is a picture of Frank, taken shortly after fighting with his female
partner. Not in the best condition at time of photograph.

Bye Frank.

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Anyone for cucumber?

Saturday, September 17th, 2005

New Page 1

awoke this morning by a loud knocking at the front door, it was the post person
wanting me to sign for a small package. My Five Pack of Screwcumbers had
arrived. Here’s a picture of five new sealed twin packs of Screwcumbers
available from

Gary Evans at Opti-Fish
I’m sorry to flog these to death, but they are
a fantastic invention and worth every penny. Every Ancistrus, Pleco, Gibbiceps,
L number lover should have one. With NO Hikari imports expected into the UK for
many months until the situation is resolved with the EU, NO algae wafers these
are a lifesavers in feeding cucumbers and courgettes to my L Numbers, Gibbiceps,
and Ancistrus sp.

The yellow tug beneath the screwcumbers is filled with aquarium water soaking
the filter media I "found" the previous week..

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