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IPv6 Testing

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

it’s a little technical this blog, unless you understand how computers comminicate via the Internet and Local Area Networks via TCP/IP.

currently it’s likely your current computers or mobile device is configured for IPv4 , you may have heard the expression IP Address, which is like a computers telephone number, which is unique, across the world, otherwise computers/mobile devices would not be able to commincate with each other. You current IP Address is probably an IPv4 IP Address, and the issue with IPv4 IP Addresses, is we are running out, or have ran out!

So a “new” IP Addressing scheme called IPv6 was created, the difference, IPv4 is a 32 bit address, IPv6 uses a 128-bit address, IPv6 is not new, and it’s been around for approximately 10 years, and may one day replace IPv4. At present only 1% of Internet traffic is IPv6. It’s not compatible with IPv4, so you maybe required to change your router of computer operating system. (in the future, if it ever takes off!)

so with a little additional configuration….PCs, networking, and router….later that day..

NO IPv6 Configured

NO IPv6 Configured, IPv4 ONLY

IPv6 Partially Configured

IPv6 Partially Configured



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