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Monday, October 3rd, 2005

I’ve added a Search Archives Button, so you can now search the archives easier, the Search Tool is in the Right Hand Margin. It looks like this:-

The format is a bit off, but I’m not a graphic designer.

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Soaking Bogwood

Sunday, October 2nd, 2005

are the four pieces of bogwood I purchased, currently soaking in a vat of water
before adding them to aquariums in the fish house, the brown stain in the water
is caused by the tanin in the bogwood leaching into the water. Boiling and
soaking for long periods can reduce the tanin leaching into the water, the use
of carbon in a filter will remove the tanin from the water but can also remove
other nutrients required for plant growth, regular partial water changes will
also dilute the effect. I quite like the colour, and it appears more natural
for the fish that I keep. It also helps to acidify the water  in the
aquarium. You usually have to pay for chemicals to do this e.g.
Tetra Blackwater
. (the observant amongst you will notice this vat was last filled
with a potassium permanganate solution, this has been siphoned off into 20l
bottles, so I can dispose of, at a rate of 500ml (half a litre) a day!)

I’ve planted out my display tank this evening using Aquatic Potting Kits,
I’ve inspected the Totra Vallis, I received from Java-Plants and they are of
very poor quality unlike the Amazon Swords I received, I’ve emailed Java-Plants
for comments. All 25 plants look like they need a priest, very brown, I don’t
think they’ll recover.

On the subject of emailing suppliers, I’ve also emailed Pond-Supplies UK,
because I’ve noticed stress fractures/cracks on my new Air compressor, and
that’s not been in service very long. Air is leaking in via these cracks, and
not via the air-inlet.

On a happier note, my "aquarium sealant fix" seems to have fixed my other
Hi-Blow type air pump.

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I can do anything with aquarium sealant

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

spent some time in the fish house this evening tidying up lose ends, probably
because it’s the warmest room in the house. I’ve installed, well actually I
dropped the bogwood into my angelfish rearing tank, which houses two unknown "plecos",
this evening there was evidence that the "plecos" had been grazing on the
bogwood because of the "bogwood pooh" left on the tank bottom, I would use the
scientific name bogwood faeces, but I think "bogwood pooh" sounds better, but I
think you’ll understand. It’s not uncommon for "plecos" and other relatives to
eat bogwood, The reason that plecos and other similar fish rasp bogwood is that
they need a substance called Lignin which is contained in the wood . It is
believed it helps them to digest their food. All the veggie catfish have finally
finished off the Tetra Plecomin, so they are back on Hikari. I‘m sorry I
couldn’t catch a picture of the plecos on the bogwood, there were two fast and
cunning for me.

Fish House pump covered in aquarium sealant, trying to seal the crack and
stop venting air, I don’t know if this will work, if not I might try super-glue,
but aquarium sealant, usually does well under high pressure.

I’ve also moved one large male Koi Veiltail Angelfish out of the quarantine
tank, this was the fish that was not deporting too well, a few weeks ago,
shortly after purchase. I think this fish, may be being bullied by the other
mature males. I’ve found a
Royal Pleco/Parnaque
L190 Panaque nigrolineatus
, this could me mine, I’ll have to wait
and see.

Had a re-think, about connecting the air-inlet of the air compressor to the
outside, more later.

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Water Deflector for LifeGard FB300 installed

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

spare parts for my Lifegard FB300 Fluidized Bed Filter arrived today from the
ordered two replacement water deflectors a few weeks ago because I’ve recently
misplaced the originals in the fish house. The thread of the water deflector is
wrapped with 5 turns of PTFE "plumbers" tape, to stop any leaks. I thought this
was going to be a quick easy job, but trying to unscrew the existing pipe elbow
was difficult because it is made of plastic and the adjustable spanner kept
slipping, I eventually had to remove it from the tank temporarily to unscrew the
existing pipe elbow. TIP  Use the correct fitting spanner and not an
The new water deflector is now installed, and the water flow adjusted correctly,
there is no back pressure on the existing power head, and the media fluidizes
very easily, I may have to check after 24 hours, otherwise I may have a tank
full of sand! In the corner of the picture is the inlet pipe to the Eheim 2260
external bucket filter and the top of an Algarde Bio-Foam 200 Sponge filter is
just visible above the surface of the water. This fix tank is probably "over
filtered" if that’s possible, but it helps to keep mature filters on standby as
anything can happen and it usually does.
The Lifegard Fluidized Bed Filter biological maturation takes considerably
longer. In most cases, the maturation period should take no longer than 40 days
during this period the nitrifying bacteria will attach themselves to the media
within the filter. I’ve got another filter to setup in the same way, when this
filter has matured.

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Mopani or Bogwood?

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

again early this is morning to collect a parcel from the local Sorting Office,
it turned out to be a small piece of Mopani or Bogwood, I’d purchased. The
Sorting Office, also had my remaining order from
Java-Plants, 25 Vallis Torta, which
were placed in a water vat at 28 degree C, until I had chance this evening to
disinfect in my vat of potassium permanganate solution. (yes still having
planting issues in the display tank!).

This is an ideal piece of bogwood for my angelfish to spawn on, and also for
my "plecos" to graze on. When I’ve soaked it and disinfected it, I’ll place it
in my tank, and post a picture here in the blog.

I’ve also have a small community of Endler
Livebearers, these seem to be very
popular on eBay at present, and are selling for very high prices, I was recently
given some male Endlers because my females seem to be rather thin. These fish
have finished their quarantine period, and after studying them closely, I don’t
believe they are True Endlers, possibly Guppy hybrids, so I have not mixed them
with my true Endler community, just to be safe, Male Guppies will hybridise with
the females very easily.

I have also moved all the male True Endlers, and separated them from the
females because the females were being harassed too much, and I noticed three
young fry in amongst the java fern which has grown out of control in my display
tank, so I dumped some in the Endlers’ aquarium in the fish house. I’m a little
confused, because every time I examine pictures on the internet of Endlers’ they
all look slightly different, so I still don’t know what True Endlers’ look like!

The nice man "Mark" at
telephone today and left a message to let me know, I
should get my water deflectors tomorrow by post.

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WANTED Eheim 2260 External Bucket Filter

Sunday, September 25th, 2005

I need to move some fish around in the fish house, I already have one Eheim 2260, (expensive to fill with media!), but great filters. So Wanted Eheim 2260 External Bucket Filter as pictured, don’t require any media, if it’s got tubing, spray outlet and inlet pipes advantageous, but not essential. This is a picture of the unit I currently own. So if you have one like it, and want some cash!

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Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner vs Algarde De-Luxe Gravel Cleaner

Sunday, September 25th, 2005

So you want to clean that gravel at the bottom of the tank?

I purchased an Internet Prime Gravel Cleaner recently to replace an aging
Algarde De-luxe Gravel Cleaner that broke, after using it, I find it easier to
use than the Algarde Garvel Cleaner, it primes easier just by plunging it into
the tank, just make sure the other end of the pipe is in the bucket or you get
water on the floor, as I did, first time in use it, the Algarde Gravel Cleaner,
has a pump mechanism to get it started, but I found the
Gravel Cleaner got easily blocked with mulm which reduced the syphon action.

Thumbs Up for the Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner - a great improvement over the
original Algarde Gravel Cleaner but at a cost, The Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner
is more expensive that the original Algarde Gravel Cleaner.

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Rough Science!

Saturday, September 24th, 2005

I’ve decided that prevention is better than cure, so rather than have
millions of snails taking over my display tank after the introduction of new
aquatic plants I would soak the plants in a solution of potassium permanganate
at the correct temperature and pH as the display tank for 10 minutes, this
should kill all snails and snail eggs, it acts a mild disinfectant.

Please Note:
Potassium Permanganate is extremely deadly to aquatic organisms only treat
plants externally to the aquarium, and ensure the plants are well rinsed before
placing in the aquarium, never use it direct in the aquarium with live fish or

Permanganate can be obtained from good pharmacies for very little, I paid 1.25
GBP for 25grams, at the concentration I’m going to use, that’s enough for 2,500
litres. I had a little trouble trying to weigh such a small amount, because the
recommended concentration is 10 milli-grams per 1 litre of water, my kitchen
scales minimum is 1 gram.

builders muck bucket holds approximately 50 litres, so 0.5 gram of potassium
permanganate crystals will yield the correct concentration, I weighed 1 grams of
crystals, and then divided the amount evenly using a 10ml measuring cylinder -
it’s called rough science! After 10 minutes soaking in the solution, I rinsed
thoroughly before planting out in the aquarium.

Time will tell if this prevention has worked! I’ll post some before and after
shots of the aquarium, now it’s been planted with the 25 Amazon Swords. I still
await delivery of the 25 Vallis Torta.


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As Rare as Rocking Horse Pooh!

Friday, September 23rd, 2005


I’ve finally managed to obtain some
Hikari Algae Wafers
from a secret source, Hikari
products are like rocking horse pooh at present in the United Kingdom as
previously stated earlier on this
Gibbiceps, Ancistrus and L numbers will be happy. I have purchased two 1kg bags,
hopefully they will last for the foreseeable future until
are allowed back in the United
Kingdom, this is good news, as stocks of my

Tetra Plecomin
are almost depleted. My fish prefer

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To the Memory of Frank!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

It is with deep regret that I have to report the death of Frank "The Killer"
Double Black Angelfish. I found Frank dead this evening in his aquarium that he
has shared with two unknown L number catfish for the last year. Water quality
and temperature were checked and all are within acceptable parameters.

I’ve mentioned Frank already in this blog, just over a week and a half ago,
when one of his offspring, a young female died of unknown causes. Frank was a
fantastic male angelfish, that sired many offspring, one of few males, that
would not eat the eggs or fry, but in the last spawning over 12 months ago, he
decided to kill the female angelfish for reasons unknown, and I could never pair
him up again, after trying many times. I could not risk any more female
angelfish, so decided to keep Frank in solitary confinement in his own aquarium
with two L number catfish as a pet. Most breeders would probably have sold him
on or got rid, but Frank became a real character, and was always happy to see me
when I visited the fish house. I became quite attached to Frank and I’m deeply
sadden by his passing, which is unusual when you have a vast collection of

Here is a picture of Frank, taken shortly after fighting with his female
partner. Not in the best condition at time of photograph.

Bye Frank.

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