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Andy’s bought a greenhouse!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

I’ve spent the last two days, taking down a second hand greenhouse…this is a photograph I took, to remind me of how it looked…

Greenhouse with all glass removed

Greenhouse with all glass removed

so I can re-assemble the hundreds of bits I have…later in my garden!

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Robin delays me tidying my greenhouse!

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

Weather is bad, more rain, allotment is probably washed out again, so time to turn my attentions to tidying up the damaged green house in my garden.

I started to tidy the greenhouse, and noticed a Robin (Erithacus rubecula) had taken up residence on the nest, with three/four chicks!

Oh dear, I’ll have to delay that job then!

greenhouse, needs a tidy!

greenhouse, needs a tidy!

Robin on the nest

Robin (Erithacus rubecula) on the nest

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Christmas Potatoes

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Sorry to mention Christmas, but it is only 13 weeks and 2 days away!

As the sunsets, I’ve been planting Christmas Potatoes, a bit late, these should have been planted in August if I want potatoes for Christmas Day, but despite looking for them since July, they came into stock and were sold out in days. I managed to get some, pre-chitted ‘Estima’ and ‘Maris Peer’ tubers, I was notified by a supplier that had left overs, and despite only wanting ten tubers of both, I ended up with 40 tubers for the same money! These will sit in the greenhouse protected from frost, and I’ll dig-up on Christmas Day, I’ve got a little problem with my greenhouse at present, it’s split, but if I cannot fix, I know someone nearby with a polytunnel, that may trade space for some spuds on Christmas Day! (with this recent warm spell, and may make up lost time!)

christmas potatoes maris peer

christmas potatoes maris peer

These are planted in garden recycling sacks, and old compost bags. Something to occupy the empty greenhouse over the autumn and winter.

Since placing an order for my seed potatoes, I’ve seen excess tubers available at garden centres, suitable for planting now, Large pots, compost bags or animal food sacks will do, just make sure you protect from frost, if your lucky you’ll have potatoes for Christmas Day.

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Greenhouse is broke

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

My greenhouse is broke, it’s ripped across the top, so I’ve got a tarp, across the top at present to protect the contents from rain and any frost.

My broken greenhouseq

My broken greenhouse

Left over plastic compost bags, I’ve kept these for my christmas potatoes.

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Keep the vamps at bay

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

We’ve been tidying up the garden before the Autumn starts on Wednesday. Lindsey cut the front lawn, maybe for the last time, and I’ve been clearing up and emptying the potatoe bags and planting my garlic that my friend (thanks Paul) bought from the The Garlic Farm, on The Isle of Wight. (keeps away the vamps!). It’s probably a little early, but I wanted to get it in the ground while it was still warm, and the autumn starts on Wednesday, so it’s probably not that early. I’ve planted Iberian Wight - a soft-neck early white garlic and Elephant Garlic - these cloves are massive. I’ll be planting my potatoes shortly for Christmas, and keeping them in the greenhouse.

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Slugs the size of pigs!

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

I suppose there a bit like Marmite, not that I ever eaten a slug! You either love them or hate them. These are the size of pigs, I found them hanging around my rootrainers , whilst I was sorting out my flowering plants for the borders. I grow most of my plants exclusively in rootrainers. This year I’ve had very poor germination from Nasturtium majus Milkmaid, the Nasturtium majus Black Velvet I’ve planted I’ve had 100% germinate, but the  Nasturtium majus Milkmaid have been very poor, I think I would be lucky if I’ve got 32 plants out  of 256 seeds planted. I thought it could be because I’ve switched from a peat based seed compost, to non-peat based, to save the peat bogs, but then the Nasturtium majus Black Velvet have been planted in the same conditions. So my mix of black and white plants my struggle again this year in the border, last year Nasturtium majus Milkmaid germinated but turned out to be red and orange Nasturtium majus. I may report the batch numbers to the commercial grower, just to check they’ve not had a major failure!

Tiger or Leopard spotted slugs (Limax maximus)

Tiger or Leopard spotted slugs (Limax maximus)

 I did think it could be these slugs I found…Slugs the size of pigs!

Tiger or Leopard spotted slug (Limax maximus)

Tiger or Leopard spotted slug (Limax maximus)

but I found no seed stalks, where they’d been eaten, and I’ve just not seen any seeds germinate.

Tiger or Leopard spotted slug (Limax maximus)

Tiger or Leopard spotted slug (Limax maximus)

I quite enjoyed photographing and watching these slugs, that I didn’t have the heart to murder them! I’ll probably regret it, as they’ll be back eating me vegetables. So I left them out for the birds!

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What’s in the Greenhouse

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Well it’s not really a greenhouse or is it, it’s a plastic 6ftx4ft greenhouse, I purchased it from Littlewoods when they closed down for very little money, but the plastic cover only lasted one season and I had to renew it, special order from Gardman in Lincs, just down the road! They don’t really do Mail Order, but I couldn’t get a replacement cover anywhere, I don’t think my greenhouse was originally a Gardman, but the cover fits. I don’t think any of the Gardman garden products are made in the UK, I think they are all made in China, but could be proved wrong!

Anyway back to what’s growing in the greenhouse, the porch is full of Tomato seedlings and chitting potatoes, and the greenhouse is full of the following:-

  • Sweat Peas Lathyrus odoratus
    Sweet Pea Lathyrus odoratus King Size Navy Blue
  • King Size Navy Blue
    Sweet Pea Lathyrus odoratus Midnight.
  • Midnight
    Sweet Pea Lathyrus odoratus Blue Velvet
  • Blue Velvet
    Sweet Pea Lathyrus odoratus Mutacana
  • Mutacana
    Sweet Pea Lathyrus odoratus Blue Ripple
  • Blue Ripple
  • Nasturtium majus
    Nasturtium Majus Black Velvet
  • Black Velvet
    Nasturtium Majus MilkMaid
  • Milkmaid

I’ve gone for a blue and purple theme this year with the sweat peas, and black and white again with the Nasturtium, although last year some of the Milkmaid turned out to be red and orange! Here’s a picture, I took to show Thompson & Morgan. Their excellent customer service department, sent me four packs of seeds free of charge for the inconvenience. Thank You!

Nasturtium Majus
Nasturtium majus MilkMaid “Red”

So until these get planted the green house is full to the brim.

Sweet Peas in Greenhouse No.1
Sweat Peas in Green House No.1

Sweet Peas in Greenhouse No.2
Sweat Peas in Green House No.2

Sweet Peas in Greenhouse No.3
Sweat Peas in Green House No.3

Sweet Peas in Greenhouse No.4
Sweat Peas in Green House No.4

Sweet Peas in Greenhouse No.5
Sweat Peas in Green House No.5

One day I’d love a real greenhouse or poly tunnel!!!

I always purchase my flower and vegetable seeds from Thompson & Morgan. Great value, fantastic stock, and let us not forget fabulous customer service.

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What’s Growing!!!

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Earlier in the year I planted tomatoe seeds, first early potatoes, garlic was planted last year in September. Here are some pictures of the results.

I’m trying an experiment, of growing six varities of tomatoes, six in the green house in growbags using growpots, six outside using growbags and growpots, and six plants planted in 10L pots. This year I’m using double-height Miracle-Gro Organic growbags, instead of purchasing two normal size/width growbags.

Tomatoes Outside in 10L pots
tomatoes plants in 10l pots, outside in the garden.

Tomatoes Outside in growbags and growpots
six tomatoes plants outside using growbags and growpots

Tomatoes Inside in growbags and growpots
six tomatoes plants inside the greenhouse using growbags and growpots

Tomatoes Inside  in 10L pots
tomatoes plants in 10l pots, inside the greenhouse.

Potatoes and Blue Berry bushes
first early potatoes planted in Humax organic potatoe bags by Medwyn Williams, Medwyn was the father of one of the boys that went to my school, and lived a couple of minutes from where I lived! I’ve recently noticed there is an Organic Humax range for potaotes, strawberrys, chillis, tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes etc Something to try next year. In the background you can see my six blueberry bushes.

Blueberrys ripening on the bush
Blueberrys ripening…not long now until eating, when they turn blue/purple! Must keep the water on!

Garlic - almost ready for pulling
Almost time to pull the garlic for eating, umm wet garlic!

Blue Bizzy Lizzy Plants and Begonias
Not for eating, but included for interest, the first Busy Lizzie ‘Blue Sky’ plants [RARE] and a few Begonia.

P.S. The chilli seeds/plants were a disaster! I decided to use my fish house and heated propagators to germinate them, the problem was, they spouted in record time, but overheated in the propagators and all died! So next year I need to find a cooler place or not use the heated propagators, or turn off, after they’ve germinated!

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