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“Patchway Peony” Spring/Summer 2019

Friday, May 24th, 2019

This Peony plant originally came from my Poppy’s and Grandma’s back garden in Patchway, Bristol. I remember it in my youth when I used to visit my Poppy and Grandma and ate their rock cakes (drop scones) in the 70s and early 80s.

They later moved to Gloucester and took the plant with them, when my Poppy passed away, my Grandma relocated to South Wales and it was planted in her back garden. When she passed on, the plant was split into three, my parents had one, my grandfather had one, and I had one.

It has taken it’s time to establish itself in our garden now, and this year is the best it’s looked in 13 years. These plants must be planted in full sun for their best. This year we have 5 flowers, and 7 more flower buds.

A reminder that once I was a Bristolian! and reminds me of my Poppy and Grandma.

"Patchway Peony"

"Patchway Peony"

"Patchway Peony"

"Patchway Peony"

Credit: to Lindsey for weeding  around the Peony, cutting the hedge and making more bright sunlight available for the plant.

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