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Technology failed!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

Angelfishcam No.3 is down, the camera has failed. Sorry for the inconvience this may cause.

Since PracticalFishkeeping have re-launched their fabulous new website the RSS Feeds from PFK are weird, it’s being sorted by the Website and Technical Editor.

and I’m too tired to plant the Amazon Swords. Still working the late shift this week.

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Practical Fishkeeping Magazine Special Offer

Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

This months Practical Fishkeeping Magazine October 2005 have a special offer, get three copies of the magazine by subscription for 6 GBP and save 38%. Offer closes 31st October 2005. Order on line at

Also Free API Stress Coat and Stress Zyme samples, and the chance to Win a Year’s Supply of API products.

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I want a refund!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

I purchased a box of 250 airstones many years ago which I’m still using, and
I found a duff one, I never found an airstone to be duff before in all my 
years of fishkeeping, what is there to go wrong, airstones are not that
complicated are they? I thought my pump on my display tank had ceased 

 I found some filter media on my travels, approx 150l of various types,
that I’ve decided to soak and clean in the garden before re-using in an Eheim
2260 external canister filter which is expensive to fill, because it has a large
filter chamber.

 Unfortunately, the poorly Purple Spotted Gudgeon has died. It’s always sad
to loose any fish, no matter how small or large, when you’ve   tried
very hard, and done all you can to try and save it.

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"Purple Spotted Goby" - Mogurnda Adspersa

Thursday, September 1st, 2005

I also noticed in an aquatic outlet today some very inexpensive fish, at giveaway prices to clear, described as Purple Spotted Goby Mogurnda Asdpersa, I took all six, these were probably reduced to clear because they probably grow to two foot long in six weeks.

There’s an excellent article here on what is commonly called the Southern purple spotted gudgeon hosted at

Hopefully with a colony of six, I may end up with a pair, they are handsome little character fish.

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An era comes to and end! Goodbye Animal-House!

Saturday, August 27th, 2005

In search of Hikari Algae Wafers I travelled to one of my favourite Tropical Fish Outlets in Bately near Leeds in West Yorkshire. I often visit Animal House every few months to purchase some dry goods and have a look at the Tropical Fish section. I’ve been purchasing dry goods from Animal House for 25 years and they always used to advertise in Practical Fish Keeping. Something was odd, I noticed that their website had a statement stating the following

The Animal House website is currently suspended as at 20th August 2005. Customers with outstanding orders will receive letters within the next few days.

I thought this was very strange and may they had technical difficulties with the website or had a securirty breach. I telephone on Friday 26 August 2005, the answering machine message stated they were stocking taking but the store was still open.

On arriving at the store today, it was clearly obvious by the lack of cars the store was closed. Animal House has CLOSED DOWN. The store always seemed very busy at weekends, especially Bank Holiday Weekends, I never understood why they stopped advertising in Practical Fishkeeping.

Many rumours are circulating as to why they have closed, we will probably never know. What’s happening my local Garden Centre has closed their Tropical Fish Section trading; Maybe eBay Traders are to blame with their low overheads operating from bedrooms and garages across the country. Why not visit a local tropical fish shop this Bank Holiday Weekend and put some of your hard earned coppers in their pockets, If we lose all the high street tropical fish outlets, will we have to result to purchasing Online! I hope not!

Goodbye Animal House and thanks for all the dry goods I’ve purchased from you in the last 25 years.

P.S. Where do I cash in my Privilege Gold card points?

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