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eaga ShowerSmart – Get yours FREE and Save the Planet!

Friday, July 3rd, 2009
eaga ShowerSmart unit

eaga ShowerSmart unit

I’ve just done some quick DIY (5 minutes)  in the bathroom and fitted an eaga ShowerSmart, and the good news is they are free of charge to UK householders. I applied for mine so long ago, I forgot about it!

It’s a small metal unit, which restricts the flow of water through your shower head, saving water and energy.

Read and apply for one here at

The eaga ShowerSmart is suitable for use with non-electric mixer showers or bath/shower mixer taps, provided they run off the mains water pressure.

It’s supplied with two washers, good instructions, and a small plastic bag which you use to check if your shower is in-efficient.

eaga shower unit fitted on our old shower!

eaga shower unit fitted on our old shower!

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