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Fibre is coming, Fibre is coming…..

Friday, September 1st, 2017

Hopefully, by Christmas 2017, fibre will be available in “the shire”.



Information from has proved correct, and more work continues by BT Openreach contractors to now connect “the shire” to the local exchange.

Here are some photographs of the recent works, I’ve noticed that they have been smashing clay “pots” or pipes to get into the current telephone cables.

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Ultra fast FIBRE Broadband is 20m away from our house! It’s now in the “Shire!”

Thursday, July 6th, 2017


I’m just going to have to correct the title of these previous posts, where I have used the term Superfast Broadband, because Superfast Broadband refers to the technology of what we call Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) in the street, and then the remaining broadband is supplied by a copper telephone line to the property. From the cabinet to the Exchange  your maximum download speed is approx 76MBps, but depending on the length of copper from your house to the cabinet in the street, will reduce your download speed, because of noise/crosstalk on the copper line.

Ultra fast FIBRE Broadband referred to as Fibre To The Premises/Property (FTTP) or Fibre To The Home (FTTH) is where the property is connected to the Exchange directly on FIBRE! Therefore the maximum speed is 1GBps, currently maximum packages are 330MBps download, and 50MBps upload.

It’s ULTRA FAST FIBRE broadband which is coming to the shire! Which at this current time only 3% of the population have FTTP, so if this is true, and we are due to get FTTP installations in the SHIRE!, I’m very happy!

On the 15th May 2017, I spotted that they had pulled the fibre through to the base of my telegraph pole.

My telegraph pole

My telegraph pole

Neighbours telegraph pole

Neighbours telegraph pole

A few weeks ago, (19 June) I noticed two crayon markings next to two BT manhole covers, a week later (26 June) the pavement outside my house has been dug up, and a new telephone duct has been laid between two BT manhole covers.

Information obtained from, which is a website you can view to look at all roadworks in the UK, they have been logged and authorised with your local councils! This listed the original notice here, and indicated that this work was scheduled for late August - September 2017. So I’ve been speculating as to when this website, will change to accepting orders!


The great thing about, if you a roadworks stalker, you can setup alerts to notify you of changes in a defined area, and an alert popped into my Inbox this morning… stated this work to add new telegraph poles is to start!


So will I be able to place my order for ULTRA FAST FIBRE broadband in August 2017 ?

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Superfast Broadband FIBRE is 400m away from our house! It’s now in the “Shire!”

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Superfast Broadband FIBRE is 400m away from our house!


I spotted the van even closer to the house this morning, approx 400m away now! The next junction box after this, is 20m from our house at the base of our telegraph pole!

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Andysworld! to get Superfast Broadband ? Possibly ?

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

If you don’t know, I live in a rural idle in Yorkshire which some have described as a “Shire out of Tolkien” where the hobbits live! (I’m actually a little larger than a hobbit, some would say much larger!)

Lovely as it is, it does suffer one draw back, currently I’m in the 10% of the population without what the Government calls “Superfast Broadband” - at best when the wind blows in the right direction I may get up to 3.5 Meg download speed, my telephone line is still connected to a telegraph pole, and my line length is approx 3.9km from the BT exchange, and that’s not as the crow flies, because the came runs in a junction at the side of the road.

So broadband speed is slow. Three years ago, I blogged when I “nerded or geeked out” - Welcome to Cabinet World! - Andy stalks more cabs! , checking out the local cabs in the area, that had been upgraded, and fibre enabled, and hoped one day that poor old Cabinet Number 10 would be upgraded. All the other cabs in the local town have been upgraded but this sad cabinet has been left, and this is where my telephone line terminates!

3 years later, it remains the same!


Whilst out walking in early March 2017, the noisy bugger I am, spotted a notice on a BT Telegraph pole, near my house

Openreach Notice on Telegraph pole

Openreach Notice on Telegraph pole

When I first noticed it, I didn’t read it fully, and thought maybe they were replacing the old telegraph poles because they had rotten, but then I visited When Can I get Fibre ? which I have visited many times, last year!

When Can I get Fibre ?

When Can I get Fibre ?

I could not believe it now states FTTP - Fibre to the Premises, so excited, and I’m sure a little bit of wee came out, I rushed back to the notice on the telegraph pole, and read in more detail…

“to install fibre broadband pole/s” - I’ve read articles, by Openreach, which have suggested they are now using poles and not holes!

Early April, I spotted Openreach Engineers near my Cab 10, but it had not changed, and more recently I’ve been seeing them getting closer to my house.

img_1338I asked this engineer, how far they were going and he said he didn’t know! This was 24 April 2017. Approx 1800 metres from my house.

Today, they are just round the corner! (750 metres away!)  You can see the reel of fibre on the rear of the lorry.


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Frozen @EclipseInternet Broadband!

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Everything else freezes around here, so why not my Broadband “wires”

It sounds like food you have with chips and peas!

Again, I’m having broadband issues, for the last four days, during the twilight hours, under clear Yorkshire Wolds skies, the temperature has been falling to -7 degrees C, and I have a theory this causes a fault on the line! It just seems very coincidental, if we get a cold spell or very hot spell my Broadband has issues. Recently spoke to Eclipse Internet, that states that four other Eclipse Internet users on the Exchange also had issues this week, at the same time, so it was suggested it was BT, playing with their Exchange!

I’ll think I’ll be opening that call again Eclipse Internet!

Here are some lovely test results Broadband Speed Test Results Broadband Speed Test Results

Thinkbroad Broadband Speed Test Results

Thinkbroad Broadband Speed Test Results

Router Connection Statistics

Router Connection Statistics

Whilst the rest of the world, surfs the Net, at lighting speeds of 8, 20, 40 and 100MBps, I can only dream!

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Andysworld! Advent Calendar - Dec 4 - Is your Broadband Slow and unreliable?

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

If your telephone master socket, looks like this example, it could be the problem!

UK BT Master Telephone Socket

UK BT Master Telephone Socket with many extensions

try removing a few extensions, and just connect your Broadband Modem or Router!

(this example provided by a friend, it did have more extensions, that have since been removed! The ADSL Broadband Router light did not light )

My BT Master Socket - New ADSL faceplate

My BT Master Socket - New ADSL faceplate

If you fancy some DIY, you can change the BT Master NTE5/5A faceplate, for a modern NTE2005, (ADSL faceplate) which has a connection for telephone and Broadband USB Modem or Router, and then there is no need to use an additional broadband filter. NTE2005 (ADSL faceplate) are readily available on eBay and Online.

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Broadband DOWN!

Monday, January 10th, 2011

My broadband failed today at 12.10, whilst I was trying to obtain car insurance, after a call to Eclipse Internet, and trying six routers, and a Thomson ST330 USB ADSL Modem, my broadband is kind of faulty somehwere between here and Eclipse Internet.

(Thomson is now called Technicolor, so if you after Thomson drivers for your USB modems, head this way).

So I’m operating on my Huawei E585 via 3G.

Speedtest on 3G Wireless Broadband

Speedtest on 3G Wireless Broadband

Ping Test on 3G

Ping Test on 3G

Okay, the latency is slow, but that’s to be expected, but the download speed is the same as I paying Eclipse Internet. Three (3) costs me £5 a month, unlimited, Eclispe Internet £24.99 (well it will be 2.5% more now!).

Might need to think about a fixed 3G Router for the future!

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ZTE MF627 Unlock Download

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Important: Re-flashing of the ZTE MF627 USB Modem MUST be done on Windows XP ONLY. If you try it on another OS, you’ll brick it! (break it!)

This is the procedure I’ve now done many times.

1. Download this file from here. This contains replacement firmware, and will replace the software on the USB modem.
2. The file is a RAR archive (similar to a ZIP). So you’ll need an extraction tool to handle this file and extract the contents. e.g. winrar.
3. Extract the contents of the above file to a directory e.g. c:flash.
5. Install the software that comes with the USB modem dongle. After inserting the USB modem into your Windows XP computers’ USB port, Windows XP will do the plug N play thing, and install all the drivers, it will then Autorun the software installation and install the 3Connect GUI.
6. Unplug, and re-insert the usb modem, to check drivers are correctly loaded.
7. Select Start->Control Panel->System->Device Manager, Expand the modems section, you should see a ZTE modem.
8. Run FlashUpdate.exe in the c:\flash directory. (don’t worry that the update states is for the MF626, if you query the modem using Hayes AT commands, you’ll see this is a MF626, it’s just the MF627 is a black/green version OEMed for ‘3′)
9. The updater scans serial ports looking for the modem, when it finds the Diagnostic port, the Download Button un-greys. (you may need to maximize the application to see the Download box).
10. Wait for approximately 20 minutes. (see above) It will eventually announce when it’s completed and the Cost it took in minutes!
11. In the first few seconds, it disables autorun, and resets the modem, and waits 50 seconds before it re-appears again on the USB bus, so don’t be tempted to flash under VMware! So you should here it disconnect and re-connect to the PC (bing bong Windows XP sound!).
12. Your 3 ZTE MF627 USB Modem dongle is now been unlocked from 3 and you can put any network’s data SIM in it.
13. You’ll need to install different Connection Management software in the c:flash directory.
14. Once that’s been installed, create a new Profile for your Network Provider.

Not that this is a big issue, but I’ve noticed that using another SIM (other than 3), the light always stays in ROAM mode (solid/flashing red) rather than Green = GPRS, Blue = 3G/HSDPA.

The Telstra/3Connect connection manager software is able to correctly tell, whether you are connected at GPRS or 3G/HSDPA. You can still use your 3 SIM correctly with the 3 Connect software after flashing, but the 3Connect software will only work with a 3 SIM.

Luckily there are software programs that can over-ride this lock. I’ve used the following procedure to over-ride the lock in a 3 USB Modem (ZTE MF627) and replace the 3 SIM Card with an ASDA SIM Card. Your mileage may vary, and I will not be held responsible if this procedure fails, and turns your 3 USB Modem into a brick (breaks it!).

UPDATE (12 Dec 09) :- I originally thought that using a non-3 (three) SIM caused the ZTE MF627 to flash RED. This is not the case, RED Simply means GPRS mode!

For details on software please make a 10 GBP donation via PayPal and by return I’ll send you the software to unlock your MF627. The donation pays for the hosting of this website, and thousands of hits and free information I’ve provided on unlocking Three Mobile Modems.

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Broadband throughput starts to increase…and I don’t know why…

Friday, November 5th, 2010

I noticed this evening when downloading an iso, that my download speed was in excess of 350kB/sec, this is double than normal! So I then decided to start running some tests again, and this is what I found. 4 Nov 2010 4 Nov 2010

Ping Test 4 Nov 2010

Ping Test 4 Nov 2010

ThinkBroadband Speed Test 4 Nov 2010

ThinkBroadband Speed Test 4 Nov 2010

Now whats odd about this, is my line 3.7km away from the Exchange, until now has only been able to support speeds from 1.6 - 2.0Mbps, and more recently 1.6Mbps, which has been okay, despite the fact that I pay for an upto 8Mbps service! (but that’s the price you pay to live in a CountryHouse). But it’s almost doubled to 2.9Mbps!

But what’s even weirder, is only a few days ago, I got a nice email from Eclispe Sales, trying to entice me onto a 12 month contract the email reads:-

“We are always trying to improve the products and services that we offer our customers and I would like a chance to discuss your current package with you.

By changing to our Business Bronze package, you could reduce your monthly cost to £19.95+vat and increase your fair usage allowance from 40gb to 50gb. You may also see an improvement in throughput speeds.

Please let us know when you would like us to call you. Alternatively, if having read this, you would like to change to the Business Bronze package, please reply to this email and we will change this for you.

Please note that if you switch to a new service, you will start a new 12 month contract. If you then decided to leave before the end of this 12 month period, an early termination fee would apply.”

I said we would consider this, but at only a £1 reduction a month, and quite happy now with existing service (despite over 20 months of issues, which touch wood have now been resolved!), We are reulctant to change, especially into a 12month contract!

It’s just odd now, our throughput starts to increase….

Until next time, when it’s back to normal!

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Damn Eclipse Broadband

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

My broadband has been all over the place again recently, back in March Eclipse my ISP, suggested they would move my broadband line onto a different line card/circuit in the exchange, the Technical Support Engineer’s never really gave away anything tecnical as to what they are actually doing. But today after another discussion it now becomes clear that before I was on a Tiscali LLU circuit, I suspect but I cannot confirm, this, I was moved to this in January 2009, when all the issues started (maybe), although now being moved to a BT circuit, the same issues occurs, extreme hot or cold, the Signal-to-noise ratio rises, and the sync speed drops, and hence throughput is very very slow. Today was the final straw, my broadband speed was as follows at 15:30 GMT. I was told, that because my sync speed had dropped the Profile on the line was slow, and I would have to wait 72 hours before it would speed-up!

Router is reporting this G.DMT SHOWTIME 448000 192000 14.5 49.0




and then later it gets worse…


I’ve not done anything, I’ve just returned from a Parish Council Meeting, and now the speed is backup to 2.2 - 2.4MB/s, this is the fastest it’s ever been, apart from that strange blip and changeover!



I put this here, so I can find it later, and refer Eclipse and BT to it! (it’s there test results!)

 For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 600-2500 Kbps.

For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 600-2500 Kbps.

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