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New Long Term Breeding Project

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Apologies for not posting for a while, life just gets in the way. But with the arrival of some new fish, starts a New Long Term Breeding Project.

I saw mature large “breeding pairs” of these fish three years ago at a local auction in West Yorkshire, they were advertised as a breeding pair, definately males and females but I suspect the owner, had no success in breeding them and hence they were up for auction. To this very day, I regret not keeping my hand up for longer, they sold for little money! and it’s taken me that long to obtain some young fish so I can grow on, and hopefully ontain some breeding pairs.

Let me introduce you to the Electric Blue Jack Dempseys

Alot has been documented and written about these fish, click the link above to search for it.

Two sites Practical Fiskeeping Article Blue Jack Dempsey identity revealed and have some excellent information, rather than me retype it here.

But first things first, they need to grow……and then I can select males and femles.

Electric Blue Jack Dempseys Pic 1
Electric Blue Jack Dempseys

Electric Blue Jack Dempseys Pic 2
Electric Blue Jack Dempseys

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Angus Says Hello!

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Angus says Hello!

Whilst out in the garden today, Angus Says Hello!

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Andy’s Day Off!

Monday, June 30th, 2008

YEDL our electrical supplier were fiddling with the electrical supply again today! So I stayed at home to “baby-sit” the fish house, whilst it was on generator power from 8am this morning, supply was back on at 2.30pm.

So I decided to cut our massive hedge, we have a number of hedges that surround the front garden, there are two hedges that border the driveway, a typical hedge-row of blackthorn, hawthorn, bramble etc and a privet hedge, if only I knew someone with stick-insects they would have food for a year! Total length of hedge which needs cutting is approx 300ft, and the driveway has been rapidly disappearing, with the warm/wet weather. Another typical hedge-row of blackthorn, hawthorn, bramble etc surrounds the front garden, this has grown over 10ft in height!

My brother an RHS Qualified Garden Landscaper at Groundscaper recommended I purchase a Stihl HS45 Petrol Edger (West Country slang for Hedge Trimmer!).

Although expensive, it cuts through my hedges like a knife through butter. You have to be a bit careful with the privet hedge, because before you know, you’ve cut two foot off without noticing! Although it weighs approx 4.9kg with fuel, it’s Anti-vibration system and ergonomics make it easier to cut with for long periods of time.

Before Hedge was Cut Pic 1
A view down the drive from house, before privet-hedge was cut

Before Hedge was Cut Pic 2
A view up the drive towards house, before privet-hedge was cut. The hedgerow on the rights has already been cut.

Before Hedge was Cut Pic 3
A view up the drive towards house, before privet-hedge was cut.

Before Hedge was Cut Pic 4
Close-up of privet-hedge before it was cut

After Hedge was Cut Pic 1
Privet-hedge after the hedge was cut taken from the house looking down the drive. Another tip from my brother an RHS Qualified Garden Landscaper at Groundscaper, before cutting, lay a tarpuline under the hedge to collect, hedge trimmings, move along the hedge as you cut, quick and easy to clear-up afterwards!

After Hedge was Cut Pic 2
Privet-hedge after the hedge was cut taken from the house lookign down the drive. In the distance is the green reycycle bin to take to the tip, with hedge cuttings. It’s not difficult cutting hedges, it’s all the clippings you need to tidy up afterwards.

After Hedge was Cut Pic 3
Privet-hedge after the hedge was cut taken from the house looking down the drive.

After Hedge was Cut Pic 4
Privet-hedge after the hedge was cut taken towards the house looking down the drive.

After Hedge was Cut Pic 5
Close-up of the privet-hedge after cutting.

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Andy’s Hot Air Balloon Adventure Photographs

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Here are the photographs of the Hot Air Balloon flight.

Balloon Pic

Andy’s Hot Air Balloon Adventure Pictures from June 15th 2008

Video to come…

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What’s Growing!!!

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Earlier in the year I planted tomatoe seeds, first early potatoes, garlic was planted last year in September. Here are some pictures of the results.

I’m trying an experiment, of growing six varities of tomatoes, six in the green house in growbags using growpots, six outside using growbags and growpots, and six plants planted in 10L pots. This year I’m using double-height Miracle-Gro Organic growbags, instead of purchasing two normal size/width growbags.

Tomatoes Outside in 10L pots
tomatoes plants in 10l pots, outside in the garden.

Tomatoes Outside in growbags and growpots
six tomatoes plants outside using growbags and growpots

Tomatoes Inside in growbags and growpots
six tomatoes plants inside the greenhouse using growbags and growpots

Tomatoes Inside  in 10L pots
tomatoes plants in 10l pots, inside the greenhouse.

Potatoes and Blue Berry bushes
first early potatoes planted in Humax organic potatoe bags by Medwyn Williams, Medwyn was the father of one of the boys that went to my school, and lived a couple of minutes from where I lived! I’ve recently noticed there is an Organic Humax range for potaotes, strawberrys, chillis, tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes etc Something to try next year. In the background you can see my six blueberry bushes.

Blueberrys ripening on the bush
Blueberrys ripening…not long now until eating, when they turn blue/purple! Must keep the water on!

Garlic - almost ready for pulling
Almost time to pull the garlic for eating, umm wet garlic!

Blue Bizzy Lizzy Plants and Begonias
Not for eating, but included for interest, the first Busy Lizzie ‘Blue Sky’ plants [RARE] and a few Begonia.

P.S. The chilli seeds/plants were a disaster! I decided to use my fish house and heated propagators to germinate them, the problem was, they spouted in record time, but overheated in the propagators and all died! So next year I need to find a cooler place or not use the heated propagators, or turn off, after they’ve germinated!

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Baa Baa Black Sheep

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

I’ve heard rumours that the nursery ryhme Baa Baa Black Sheep has had it’s words changed in nursery and pre-schools, and the children sing Rainbow or Multi-coloured sheep instead of the words “Black Sheep”.

So in my quest, I have found a true Black Sheep. Click the photograph for more Black Sheep photographs. This sheep is the Hebridean.

Black Sheep
The Hebridean Sheep. The animals are entirely black, though the fleece usually goes grey with age. Lambs may have a dark brown appearance because the tips of the fleece have been bleached by the sun.

This is nothing to do with Black Sheep Ale which is also very good just up the road at Masham. Did you know there is also a breed of sheep called the Masham?

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Mega Upload!

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

The problem with memory prices falling for digital cameras, is you end up with pictures all over the place, I’ve now successfully collated all the pictures of the cats from the two digital cameras we have, as they are no longer kittens anymore and uploaded them all to the web. I’ve uploaded approximately 300 new pictures, at approx 500MegaBytes!

They are located here:-

Angus and Tilda at play in the garden

Esther hiding under a branch

The Cats

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Life Begins at 40!

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

I was actually 40 last November, Lindsey booked me a surprise Balloon Flight for my 40th Birthday, but unfortunately, it was cancelled due to bad weather. But we successfully had our Balloon Flight today. More on that later. But it remind me to upload these photographs taken when we visited The Yorkshire Sculpture Park on my 40th Birthday to view the artists Andy Goldsworthy Exibition. I really like his sculptures. Have a look at some of the secret photographs I took of his work! Note not all the photographs are of his work, I’m sure you be able to work out which ones!

Andy Goldsworthy

Yorkshire Sculpture Park November 2007

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No Clothes!

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Our washing machine has broken, it’s the end of an era, our Ariston AF883 has lasted us 12 years, without breaking down. We originally paid £200 for it. As the Ariston advert said, they go on and on and on!

It’s taken me over two weeks to find somewhere to deliver a new washing machine on the day I want, and remove the old unit.

Our local Euronics store Eric Lee (Electrical) Ltd had stock, guaranteed a delivery date and time, and would remove the old unit for free.

When I arrived home from work today, early at 4.10pm, the new washing machine had been delivered, the old unit, was already in the back of the van, and the delivery men were waiting for me to check over the washing machine, they did offer to install for free, but have a look at the picture and you’ll see the complication!

Washing Machine 1
A new Zanussi-Electrolux ZWF12070 washing machine in box! It has a 6kg drum, Delay start, cold fill, and is rated AAB. I hope it lasts 12 years with no breakdowns!

Washing Machine 2
Umm, it’s bigger than the old one! Spot the bread knife to cut a larger hole!

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Front Garden Border in early June 2008

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

A little warmth, and lots of rain, and the border comes to life.

Front Garden Border in Early June No.1
We’ve planted a few more plants to fill the border.

Front Garden Border in Early June No.2

Front Garden Border in Early June No.3

Front Garden Border in Early June No.4
There are three different Heuchera Plants, that have grown very well in our alkaline soil.

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